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  1. Can someone explain what is going on with angry girl's bra straps?

  2. Sometimes hard to hide a bra under a strappy dress, if you don’t readjust it becomes visible. Dress probably shifted as she sat down, or she liked the design of it and wanted it to be visible under the neckline.

  3. She’s cute. I’d tell her “Lets get out of this place, what do you say?”

  4. She’d say “I’m underaged and it’s my sister’s wedding, leave me alone.”

  5. I get what you’re saying, but it is a really big deal and severe medical neglect to have a delayed child and not take him to be assessed, not try to help him at all. You can say it’s none of our business, but at the same time Alice is peddling how amazingly healthy and prosperous vegan babies are compared to other children. Fern can say two words, Fern can’t walk correctly. He is experiencing medical neglect, and a child being neglected is everyone’s business (especially if you’re a large internet creator posting about them). Fern, when he grows up, I would have to imagine will be scared by Alice’s neglect of him. I doubt seeing people saying your mother neglected to provide you aid for your delays will be seen by Fern as being made fun of.

  6. Spot on, I think people are forgetting that he’s been medically neglected which is why this is an issue. There’s literally no way of knowing if he suffered brain damage during birth.

  7. It dilutes the public perception of how challenging the disability is when non-disabled people are selectively showing symptoms that they deem cute or desirable.

  8. Y’all are DRAMATIC. People compare their births all the fucking time. Some babies are easier to birth than others. Wtf you ran out of complaining about her crunchy lifestyle so now you’re making up shit like this? “I feel so bad for those poor babies.” It’s clear she loves her children. She’s just uneducated and makes trauma based decisions (which is really shitty). But those children are loved and y’all are really reaching.

  9. If she loved them, she wouldn’t be prioritising her image and reputation over their safety. She wouldn’t be editing her toddlers crooked legs instead of taking him to a doctor, she wouldn’t be whitening his teeth instead of using a toothbrush and real toothpaste. The fact that she knows some of the stuff she does is harmful and actively hides is, proves to me that she doesn’t love them anymore than I loved the doll I had as a kid- a cute prop.

  10. Because horse shit is basically just grass and some enzymes and gets washed away very quickly and harmlessly in a way that dog shit doesn't.

  11. It doesn’t get washed away very quickly in the summer, the stuff on our roads has been there 3+ weeks now.

  12. That book is titled Spitters Aren’t Always Quitters but Imma wait for the movie treatment.

  13. I don’t have any evidence but I strongly suspect she is pretending to be ill to live out a Your Lie in April cosplay. She claims her book is based on when she was in hospital as a child and was in love with another boy, and then he died in her arms after lots of romance and mischief.

  14. Arguably my fictional title appeals to a broader audience. I do appreciate you being infinitely better informed than I.

  15. I concur, but it doesn’t quite capture the fake tragically ill teen and her star crossed lover.

  16. I love bonnets on babies and toddlers. I don’t care if it makes them look “too young” because I think people try to make toddlers grow up too fast.

  17. I think it’s more the risk of overheating, as babies don’t have good thermostasis.

  18. Worst was probably 9 year old anaphylaxis death, was oked for donation and preparing to withdraw, family brought the sister (seemed around the same age) to say goodbye and I will never, ever forget how she cried. Guttural wailing, unlike anything I’ve ever heard, just soul crushing.

  19. 'Every day Doctor, I pray for death'

  20. That last paragraph is the pill I’ve been struggling to swallow my whole career. Harder to get down than Co-amoxiclav.

  21. I was overweight but not morbidly obese until my health issues turned actively chronic a few years ago. I've had the same "lose weight and it'll get better" from doctors even when I can prove that my diet isn't the issue.

  22. There’s a difference between your diet being the issue and your weight being the issue. When a doctor says lose weight, they mean the number on the scale has to go down, not just that you eat more veg.

  23. I mean it’s partially their own fault. Depends on the situation though. Some people are obnoxious about their weight and don’t do anything about it. But there are some people have medical conditions and extreme depression. Like in my 600lb life, most of them have trauma like some sort of sexual abuse or physical abuse. And most of them didnt have parents who taught them to eat healthy or proportionally or to not eat their feelings. It’s like the trauma drug addicts go through.

  24. Nearly every single medical condition that causes weight gain is effectively managed by… increasing exercise and improving diet.

  25. Could well be, I was wondering what affliction she’d pop up with next after being called out so robustly on her last attempt.

  26. I saw that thread earlier. I know there are a few doctors on this sub. Raised MCV in a patient who has normal B12 and folate levels - if you know, you know... 😬

  27. She’s cooking up another post about how (pretend) relying on medication doesn’t make her weak and she’s actually a super strong spoonie warrior.

  28. She’s hoping someone will pop up and say oMg that sounds like cluster headaches! So she can pretend her hunt for a diagnosis had a legitimate start.

  29. Given your heartfelt apology and emotional reaction, that act clearly doesn’t accurately represent who you are.

  30. In my opinion, that page has become a sort of fan page for her in a way. I brought up an opinion I had of her on that sub and got downvoted tremendously. People immediately replied so rudely so me. Like why are they defending her now? I’m so happy that birth was fine with Fetus, don’t get me wrong. But yes, the people on the other sub are crazy with their theories and such.

  31. Yes, I’ve noticed a fair amount of pro-free birth type comments and a lot of “well she’s not wrong” about blatant misinformation. I think some are crunchy powerlevellers trying to legitimise themselves. Had a woman yesterday comment she didn’t get the heel prick test because she didn’t think it was necessary. Like not necessary to check if your baby has a serious genetic disease?

  32. Glad baby survived birth, but people can’t forget it hasn’t had any testing for genetic (or other) diseases. It seems to be a healthy baby, but no one actually knows for sure.

  33. They don’t regularly check for genetic issues besides basic anatomy scans anyway.

  34. Nearly every infant here has the heel prick test. Very easy and incredibly valuable.

  35. Genetic testing is not required. I opted out because nothing would change my mind.

  36. What do you mean nothing would change your mind? The heel prick can alert doctors to potentially fatal (if untreated) diseases and proper monitoring allows for detection of potential heart/lung defects, amongst a myriad of other conditions. It saves lives.

  37. i remember in a mom group i’m in, one mom said she’d never allow the newborn screening bc with her last baby they took entire vile of blood 🙄 when there is no reason to even take that much for the 24hr blood screening. saying that she rather just rely on her instincts than let drs ever be around another one of her babies. she reminds me of alice a lot but isn’t trolling. she’s 100% serious

  38. Jesus, I can’t pretend it doesn’t wind me up having spent 7 years of intensive study and practicing, just have have people insinuate that they know better or can “rely on their instincts”. If that was true infant mortality wouldn’t have been 1 in 4 before the advent of modern medicine. Stupid people.

  39. Congratulating Alice on her freebirth going well goes along the same lines of whatever the exact quote is in Harry Potter when McGonagall is disciplining the trio and one of them pipes up that she should be congratulating them on a job well done. “I’m certainly not going to praise you for sheer dumb luck!”

  40. I got downvoted for saying essentially this, and pointing out that whilst it’s great fetus survived birth and appears healthy, there’s no way of knowing what potential health problems they have nor will they be identified and treated.

  41. My plan was foiled😔 she was too quick☹️ Fern and I got some much needed Iron from the water though😋

  42. There may or may not be any cats currently still living in our little hovel. I cannot confirm nor deny their existence. You might describe them as… Schrödinger’s cats.

  43. The exhaustion and existential dread in the kids eyes is unmistakable. Reminds me of those Disneyland photos of the abused Turpin children.

  44. There are a bunch of inconsistencies but also NOTHING NEW. If I was being asked the kinds of questions they are, there’s no way I would be able to answer without going into more depth or offering context and explanations- it would be very easy to do and not outing.

  45. Why did she lie about her education? We know she didn’t actually get into Cornell, so what is her highest level of education? Does she lie about it in real life too?

  46. She always wanted to be a house wife/ stay at home mom. I do believe she will seek hobbies again & maybe do some small business kind of thing (selling off Facebook market)

  47. Why did she lie about her education? We know she didn’t actually get into Cornell, so what is her highest level of education? Does she lie about it in real life too?

  48. One way I know the AMA is not being genuine was because someone asked about Fern being delayed. I'm not trying to put my life on blast, but my daughter is a few months younger than he is, she is showing early signs of being on the spectrum. It's impossible to know for sure until 3-4 and with the pandemic many kids are behind. My daughter can say less than 20 words therefore she is in speech therapy because that qualifies her free speech courses. All states have them if a pediatrician sees and recommends it. If my daughter is very delayed and knows a little less than 20 words then you can not tell me that Fern is fine.

  49. That was me! You did a great job getting your daughter seen and on track for appropriate support.

  50. Yeah, I asked about his development and they said it’s not abnormal and we don’t see anything. Unless he’s speaking and Alice is intentionally not posting about it, I’d be very surprised if that’s true.

  51. God I had one like that, ended up saying “No, sorry, I’m going on my break now, there’s nothing that can’t wait til I’m back and I need to eat”. He backed off after and stopped bossing me about (as much).

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