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  1. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why asking people if they want to remain or leave the EU was a terrible idea

  2. If we’re taking his ear hostage I would rather suggest he pays me cash for it to be returned safely

  3. Depends where you're from: Irish would be GAA. Americans NFL. French/Italian Soccer. English Cricket/Soccer. Australians League/afl. (these are just guesses, but you get my point)

  4. I think the point Monye is getting at is that the perception of rugby is that it goes hand-in-hand with drinking & lad culture.

  5. Just to theorise Ugo’s point - imagine you are a parent and you are a practicing Muslim. Would you want your child to go into that environment with your current perception of the drinking culture?

  6. If they’re from the future, why do you think they’re coming to this point in time?

  7. I don’t think this would be as scary without the music. Just the sound of rubbish wheels moving around a laminate floor would make me think the robot’s pathetic

  8. I thought this was more of a deflection to stop people talking about the result / Christenson’s poor performance but I guess it’s an issue. Just not to blame for yesterday!

  9. I wasn’t great at rugby but Owen Farrell went to my school when I was younger. I remember watching a match he was playing in against a rival school in our area but he only came on for the last 15 minutes or something - I think he was already signposted as being too good to play full competitive matches at such a low level. Anyway, I remember he bulldozed his way through their team and scored a try but did a ‘roly-poly’ type move when he put the ball down which was funny to most people apart from the opposition. The only thing was that his dad, Andy Farrell, was on the touch line and after the match gave him a massive bollocking at the other end of the pitch when the match ended. I remember hearing him screaming at him from the other end of the field. Think he wanted to give him a lesson on how to be humble! Anyway, it was amazing to watch him when we were younger - he was clearly so much better than anyone else, even the guys a lot older than him.

  10. Most people in this thread don’t have a clue what they’re talking about, domestic policy or the ongoing situation in Ukraine. I wish we could go back to days where if you didn’t know anything you didn’t pretend like you did.

  11. Twitter is so much better for reliable information (as long as you follow the right people!)

  12. name drop some, i made an account for this and have been adding good ones as i see someone suggest them

  13. I do hate how a video like this is on a mainstream website as news. I know people will click on it (like I did!) but I can’t help but feel for the poor man’s family who will see it too. Just imagine how they would feel if you’re scrolling the web and get reminded of something as horrific as this happening to a loved one

  14. I love insights like this. Only when you rewatch do you notice how clever the writers are

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