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  1. "Ke Ke hit high notes, when them pigs came, But her ass kinda fat, so niggas treat her the same This is real" - 50 Cent


  3. What real world events are these? Illuminate us hint dont say "Falling on hard times" because the court will update the payment to match your income and don't say "Having other bills" because you chose to bust that nut :/

  4. Okay? ...and she chose to keep the child. Why exactly do the children need 200k a month?

  5. Because parents (both) are legally responsible for the child?

  6. what does that have to do with 200k a month?

  7. That's what pisses me off. Tip them and your order isn't even correct.

  8. tip them and find out they gave you some small ass wings

  9. time i get asked to tip, venmo me bro.

  10. If you waking up to random pain and have no idea why, you need to visit a doctor. That’s not an age thing

  11. It's okay to be old bro, you had your fun, now its my turn


  13. you forgot that annoying screaming child...

  14. I went to nursing school with this person! She does travel nursing now. Works a few contracts back to back and then she’s off for a few months exploring. She has the pants, the hair, the tattoo and the phone pictured above.

  15. Right..ive seen too many pics of cruise ships also capsizing.,

  16. Probably elementary. The writing leads me to believe that they've got to be in 4th grade or younger.

  17. Why tf yall be giving up so early lol. Mfs be like 22 and throw the towel in on life

  18. These Labels going to learn the hard way: Followers DOES NOT equal fans nor customers!!

  19. Most of those followers are men, who are just there for the ass.

  20. That's like 35% of what fills hotdogs.


  22. This isn’t terribly far from telling women to smile.

  23. This is reddit, you have to hate on people because everyone else does lol

  24. I just gave him a handshake and asked if he was able to find the bus to the beach the day before (backpacking).

  25. You shook your date's hand? Was it a business meeting?

  26. Nah....I know way too many women crying over average looking, average height and average-income (even no income) men.

  27. Well, nothing happens unless the match happens first, soo the other aspects dont matter.

  28. I'm talking about aspects both before and after the match happens... and a match doesn't = a date

  29. you cant talk about what happens after a match if majority of guys cant even get a match in the first place. And the ones that do get matches, it's still an uphill battle to get a date, yes. Because in the end, women have plenty of choices in that arena, the men dont.

  30. Pop a wheelie, tell the judge to Akinyele

  31. Mfs don’t talk about how much a hug means to people. One hug can make someone’s day.


  33. As a fan of Caesar Salad, i will personally keep them in business.

  34. yeah had to remove that stupid take

  35. Twitter Blue existed for almost a year now with several perks. Elon just added the checkmark perk to make it more attractive. I can tell you don't actually know anything and you get your opinion from memes.

  36. im a Stan for calling you out on your ignorance lol

  37. Dang. Off-topic but I’ve never seen a mod get downvoted that hard here before.

  38. I tend to go against group think, and reddit cant handle that LOL. Downvotes means nothing,

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