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  1. Schefter was wrong if they don't want 2 1sts

  2. That’s what is happening. “We’re not gonna talk about football today Pat”

  3. Or a blanket "There are some teams that are interesting but not finished yet"

  4. He'll probably say that the Jets are a team that intrigues him, but he hasn't made a decision yet.

  5. Even FA signings are down. Other than McGlinchey, everyone's reaction to each signing has mostly been "that's it?"

  6. Waller didn't have a good season last year but this seems low.

  7. Who needs a star tight end like waller when you can sign a second slot receiver?!

  8. Lamar can be talked to starting tomorrow afternoon. Decent chance the Jets can pivot

  9. The alternative is to move on from the guy and look elsewhere. He's drama.

  10. Such as? Other than Lamar everyone else is either a retread or a worse QB than White.

  11. My guess is that Wingo heard Rodgers wants the trade. That would explain the discrepancy between Rapaport and Wingo's report. Wingo has been right too often on Rodgers stuff to be dismissed.

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