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  1. Pill bugs are terrestrial crustaceans, not insects. Does this blow open hallownest’s door???

  2. California burrito… oh wait

  3. Inert yes, but becomes a gas at a low temperature and the vapors are a toxic inhalation hazard. Do not handle liquid mercury without proper protective equipment

  4. A colleague of mine does this. Every few months their desktop gets waaaayyy too cluttered with icons and they'll just cut and paste them all into a new folder (also on the desktop).

  5. I set my downloads to my desktop for easier access, so my screen ends up looking like this. When I get tired of it, I just move them to the downloads folder

  6. I found a small something at the end of my last bag of coffee. Glad I found it while weighing. Looked like a small piece of chipped concrete. Now I weigh my beans and dump them on a flat surface just to double check. I can’t afford a new grinder!

  7. Contact the Roaster that happened with. It should not be ending up in your bag of coffee..oversight on the Roasters part.

  8. I did, and they sent me a new bag of coffee. I gave them the blend and roast date

  9. ES is not exempt. 4145 is roughly 23/hr. You get bumped up to range B after one year of state service

  10. Oh, I see. Thank you! Does everyone start at the lower end? And if you pass probation, do you get bumped up to range b automatically?

  11. Like someone else mentioned, the ranges are based on past experience. Each 1 year of experience, external or internal, bump you up to the next range

  12. People can like it. But the Pokemon sucked, especially in the early game, the midgame suffers from the open ended nature of it, making gym balance a joke, and Kanto was an empty shell of its former self.

  13. Kanto was intended to be larger but they jammed so much into the cartridge there literally wasn’t memory left to do more. Pokémon Gold and Silver are Gameboy Color masterpieces that were only limited by their physical memory restrictions

  14. Thank you. I’ve been thinking about beans and rice. Keyword “thinking” 😂 I’m going to start soaking some beans now. Thanks for the inspo 🙏🙏🙏

  15. This is my favorite rice and beans (ignore the main dish recipe). It’s just rice, kidney beans, coconut milk, vegetable stock and thyme in a single pot. Beans and coconut milk are just full cans, so minimal measuring. Easy, filling, and tasty

  16. Andrea Bocelli. Him singing hallelujah with his daughter is incredible

  17. Celine Dion famously said that if God had a voice, it would be Andrea Bocelli’s


  19. The anna pid. And yes I'm very happy. The time from brew to steam is like 15 sec more than the time it takes for me to dump my portafilter and grab the milk. So if I'm only making a couple drinks it's a pretty smooth workflow. Anything more than 4 drinks is kinda crappy since I make 4 then purge untill temp comes back down to brew.

  20. Seconded, very happy with my Anna with PID one year in. Can be challenging when making a lot of milk drinks, but not terrible

  21. Do y’all remember that scene in the Devil Wears Prada where Anne Hathaway laughs at Meryl Streep because they’re discussing the color of a specific clothing item thinking it was meaningless? Then Meryl proceeds to eviscerate Anne by pointing out a choice she made many years ago trickled it’s way into Anne’s wardrobe and onto the item she was wearing that day? That’s why you should care. Whether you pay attention or not, the people controlling these large companies find ways to infiltrate the lives of as many people as they can for power and wealth. It is not enough to not care and not pay attention. It is important to at least be aware of these things to try and stay out of their sphere of influence if you don’t want to mindlessly or unknowingly support them.

  22. Do you have any recommended yellow curry paste brands? I always have a hard time finding yellow, but it’s my favorite!

  23. Mae Sri and May Ploy are two awesome thai brand yellow curry pastes that are accidentally vegan- note the same brands other curry pastes check the ingredients.

  24. Thank you I’ll check them out!

  25. Did I see incorrectly or is this turn based? I started playing with Vesperia and then Berseria and Arise. So I assumed they were all action rpgs. Or am I mistaken?

  26. You don't even have to open it, really. I use a wooden skewer from time to time to clean the chute

  27. I used to use a chopstick until I got a thin, flexible metal cake tester which works perfectly

  28. The voting guides rock. Pro-con arguments and printed rebuttals for propositions as well as info on who is writing them.

  29. While they are nice, I highly recommend searching additional voter guides online. Many of the propositions are greatly simplified in their descriptions and financial impact statements

  30. Does it say anal in reverse?

  31. Alternately you can stay on the line then conclude the meeting with “where should I charge this half hour of overtime?”

  32. I will cling on to my $15 a month google fiber plan till I die

  33. How is yours $15? Mines $55

  34. I would love to see Feinstein retire and Katie Porter backed by Feinstein as the replacement.

  35. They don’t have very strong arguments. A lot of the political flyers I’ve received against Katie have been about jobs or the economy or gas prices being her fault, so just standard gop complaint topics

  36. Better hope no one shows up to the party with a bow and arrow

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