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  1. Thank you for finding a good linkable source. :)

  2. I have link to a more updated article (that say 50 cases and have more info) but it keeps getting deleted. Thats why the older article in my link says 30-40 cases.

  3. I am not sure i deserve a copy but i want to try anyway. My post history will give away that i am gambling addict that just had a really bad relapse. I thought i was "cured" and let my guard down and lost so much money the last 2 weeks (i wont mention the actual sum here but all the details can be found in my posthistory).

  4. Wow she got real lucky there. I Wonder if she knows how close she was to get life changing injuries.

  5. After reading about this bill it feels like RSI wont be on the NY-market to begin with. Just 2 providers will be picked (the ones that will pay the most in taxes estimated at 50-55%). However they might add more providers at a later date.

  6. Where you buying GME at? I’ve been either experiencing errors or cancelations.

  7. I live in Europe. No problems at all. We have some good regulations in my country.

  8. Yeah i know this might be really stupid or really smart. Either way i will be part of history and on the right side!


  10. As a Swede all I can say is: Finally! At the same time it feels like this such a shit show. Everything they are doing today they could have done a few weeks/months ago. This also happens just after our popular king critized the handling of the pandemic. Also love seeing the journalists asking the hard questions today and our pm sweating bullets. Everyone is trying hard to explain why it took so long to implement the thougher restrictions.

  11. This guy was so awesome. If he always have that energy he would be a great streamer.

  12. He was calling someone that wasn't answering so he didnt say it to Hachu. However he seems to be malding a little bit which is understandable. Probably ruined his evening to save her.

  13. I am impressed. I dont think i would have the balls to do that infront of 9000 people even if i wanted to.

  14. This went on for another minute or so after the clip ends. I genuinely laughed to this so thought i should share it here. :)

  15. So it was a fake raid I guess if she had the prop money at hand ?

  16. Nope, me and 2500 other people where watching KrustingKevin (Jinnys brother). He was ending the stream and didn't know who to raid and one streamsniper asked to raid her. She had like 30 viewers or something when the raid came in if i remember correctly. I had at least never heard of her before the raid.

  17. I don't speak korean but according to translations in chat they where warning about opening a dam up river because of flooding. Before the voice came on there was very omnious sirens. Couldn't get the whole thing in one clip.

  18. I've had my ICLs for about five months now. I spoke with my Dr. about halos at my last post-op check up and was told that it takes about six months for the halos to "go away". I'm -12.5, so halos have been a way of life for me for as long as I can remember.

  19. Did your halos improve alot from month 2 to 6? Because i really feel the halo in my right eye is far from a normal halo because it is glowing a lot more therefore making it hard to "forget" about it.

  20. now she's headed for the doctor for x-rays on her foot or ankle

  21. Yeah this was her first and only try and she probably broke her ankle, unlucky.

  22. LMFAO she didnt "probably broke her ankle." Also, she left to meet up with her friend Yunicorn

  23. She is being carried by Yuni because she cant walk. I guess we will know in a few hours.

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