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  1. my dude, how many plant dragons and how long did it take you? I did it for like 4 hours selling 1,600 plant dragons and only getting10k acorns. Is it worth doing grinding it out?

  2. So for me, going into the event, I already had a majority of the Olympus dragons in the Fireside tab. I did the math and at the start I only needed roughly 76,000 pine cones. Around day 15, I had a majority of the Hidden dragons bred and 40,000 pinecones so I grinded out the last 15k I needed and that was that. It was worth it I'd say.

  3. It's a Tusk Dragon and it requires a Surface habitat.

  4. I used the April Fools snapshot and found a dimension that had this as the surface. I can't recognize the sound of it from anything I've heard before. Maybe they're adding giant ants to Minecraft similar to how there are spiders?

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