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Saudi Arabia just began construction of its $500 billion 500 meter tall, 170 km long megacity, "The Line" in Neom

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  1. I know about this but want to know more. Can you suggest some links?

  2. _2f says:

    It's a bullshit conspiracy theory, ignore him

  3. Uh, have you seen how much better Siri is compared to Google Assistant?

  4. It’s crazy to me that my Bose headphones switch more seamlessly between my iPhone and Mac than my AirPods ever do.

  5. _2f says:

    Agreed. If you’re curious, the reason is Boses used the standard Bluetooth protocol multipoint where it connects to upto two devices simultaneously and maintains connection to both. Whereas Apple software tries to ‘smartly’ switch earphones every time a new device is playing sound which is an awful implementation.

  6. Especially if you consider that it all works with fields:

  7. _2f says:

    Can’t wait for people to reply that this is misleading

  8. Wrongful denial of boarding to flyers will now cost airlines dear - Times of India

  9. _2f says:

    Just read your own article.

  10. It doesn't have public shares anymore. Twitter revenue has been consistently going up for about 10 years now. The past 2 quarters it has faltered, still generating over a billion in revenue, but people making believe that it isn't worth anything are delusional lmao Once the Twitter/Musk thing is out of the short attention span of the public, they will bounce back and continue the track it was on.

  11. _2f says:

    Honestly I would agree with you, if Twitter hadn’t lost half the corporate workforce and more every day.

  12. If labourers from North are not considered , there is not much Paan users in Kerala. Also, it is illegal to sale or mfg them in Kerala.

  13. _2f says:

    Why should they not be considered?

  14. I assume you mean in the app. That’s still backed by your account password. If you signed out of the app, you’d still have to enter your password again. A passkey should completely replace your password.

  15. _2f says:

    No, not the app. The browser. I encountered it once, and was the first time I saw Face ID in a website. I have no idea how it works.

  16. You might have your PayPal password stored in iCloud Keychain

  17. _2f says:

    Definitely not, as I use Lastpass exclusively.

  18. I watch on my Fire Stick with the Airtel Fiber connection.

  19. _2f says:

    It’s really good on fire stick, and that’s about it.

  20. But the true experience is in English and why must we compromise. If they didn't have the servers why would they take the streaming rights from voot. SMH

  21. _2f says:

    Voot is 50% owned by Reliance only. But you’re right, their platform is 100x better than this stupid Jio’s.

  22. _2f says:

    How is it NOT a tech company? It’s a more tech play than Amazon for that matter

  23. But I can see it move when I click it

  24. _2f says:

    It doesn’t. Try switching it off and see. Or get it to zero battery.

  25. _2f says:

    Good to rile people on Reddit. But in real life, it can have a converse effect. There is only a certain level after which you encounter one of the two things-

  26. As if. You want to charge your MacBook with your 5W iPhone charger? You want to figure out if your charging cable can be used as a monitor cable or data transfer cable? Many won’t struggle with this, but many others will. I’ve already heard people complain that Apple is “throttling” their MBP’s charging speed when they use their Nintendo Switch charging cable for it, since it won’t charge fast enough.

  27. _2f says:

    It’s all USB PD so the highest watt plug can charge everything. And with GaN chargers, your iPhone sized charger will charge all your MacBooks, iPhone and pods at the same time.

  28. _2f says:

    Bets on super over

  29. What are you even talking about? The topic is about subscriptions to fuel lol… if you cover 100% with solar, you effectively “purchase” your transportation costs without a subscription. How is green energy relevant here?

  30. _2f says:

    You have a fundamental misunderstanding.

  31. _2f says:

    Not really at least not easily, because this is intentionally tough to do as it goes against the credit card business model.

  32. In an enormous study of 228 owners… out of now 2-3million with no indication of how/when they were selected. Yeah conclusive study /s

  33. _2f says:

    Yes, 228 is more than significant for this sample. For reference, 385 people - sampled correctly are statistically significant and enough to make deductions about the whole world - 8 billion people with >95% confidence level.

  34. Your statement of disregarding selection criteria is the flaw here. Example - If I ask a hundred of my friends their salary - would it be fair to extrapolate the average American salary for example. Without caveats of selection bias that number is meaningless. In this instance the selection is far from random, it is selected from membership based on underwriting risk profiles, and cost models of an insurance companies.

  35. _2f says:

    My point is of course if the selection criteria is not proper, the survey is flawed. But your original comment was implying just because ‘n’ is small, you can’t trust it. And even if you didn’t mean it like that, the people who replied to feel that way.

  36. _2f says:

    Aah the brigades are here.

  37. _2f says:

    It’s working for me. Same combination.

  38. What's the point of this shit? Why make it a line? Poor bastard at the end of the line has to travel far to do anything lol

  39. _2f says:

    The lines are ultra fast metro so wouldn’t make a lot of difference.

  40. Is this not because the US has a different tax rate for each state?

  41. _2f says:

    This never made sense to me.

  42. _2f says:

    Bing videos. Your life will change.

  43. They also don't recommend that vendors differentiate between the ones that support PCIe lanes and the ones that don't. Because they don't think consumers care about that stuff.

  44. _2f says:

    What’s the difference?

  45. _2f says:

    You need to get used to it but it is sooo much better.

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