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  1. We’re not really neutral… we’ve already supplied munitions via Lady Red and we sent ANCYL to observe an illegal referendum and announced it to be fair.

  2. The same as they sent observers to Zim and announced the elections free and fair.

  3. Was that with Mnangagwa winning the general election after coming to power through his military coup?

  4. It’s not just Eskom however. Looking at my local infrastructure in my area, our main feeder lines are oil filled ones originating from the late 1970’s.

  5. He's likely talking about Poseidon nuclear torpedo.

  6. Putin has already threatened the UK with that.

  7. It’s like the blind leading the blind…

  8. Lol trust the septics to make a pot noodle even more shit :/

  9. As a Canadian my only regret about this training is that I wish that NATO countries had snapped into action a lot sooner and started training Ukrainians at scale as of mid-2022.

  10. Uhh sadly this looks like South Africa. Definitely Pick n Pay or Checkers vibe going on there…

  11. They found Riana Pretorius and promptly arrested her bf. Although I’ve seen in the media this morning those reports where redacted.

  12. The Transport, Retail and General Workers Union (Thorn) wanted a 10% salary increase, Denny’s offered 7% and the workers wanted 8,5%.

  13. Not sure where you are in the EU but Aldi and Lidl are ridiculously cheap. Managed to live in the UK for a few months on an SA salary which was rather impressive.

  14. It’s not just the Americans to be fair.

  15. You can easily get torsion from just jogging wrong or walking up stairs too fast... it's when the tube twists around and one ball is stuck facing the wrong direction. Basically feels like you've been kicked in the nuts, but the pain doesn't subside until a doctor flips it back into place. It's like dislocating your nut sack.

  16. Uhhh god! You’re giving me flash backs of watching a rugby match and seeing a guy have one of his nutsacks kicked off…

  17. I gotta say, I didn't know much about Kirby before the Ukraine war, but I've been impressed with his professional level of sass.

  18. I liked his comment about the Russian pilot awarded the medal for knocking down the MQ-9… ’at best, just an idiot’ and that the Kremlin ’has a different definition of bravery’

  19. I think it was Werner Carolus’ confession which initially threw a spanner in the works…

  20. Makes you wonder why the police don’t use Investigative Genetic Genealogy (IGG) if they already have a profile?

  21. GDPR means that many databases in the UK don't allow police access without a warrant, and even then I think it may only be for immediate familial matches (parents, siblings etc). There's an interesting report on feasibility in the UK here:

  22. Yes, there’s many organisations that visit schools to discuss and raise awareness to students.

  23. It reminds me of the race to Pristina airport…

  24. Ohhh… so unlike invading another country to rape, murder and destroy isn’t an act of war?

  25. Didn’t Ramaphosa help draft the original constitution in the first place?

  26. Ahh Fairey (well parts of) went from aircraft to engineering and then

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