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  1. Wait for the 100k SUB on CSP, at least 80k. There will be new premium Marriott cards soon, you may want to wait for that. The SUB and benefits should be better than the Boundless.

  2. SW sub isn’t very good rn. Near the end of the year they will probably have offers that can get you close enough to earn companion pass

  3. Shoulda sent another kick to head - K.O. - respect locals tho!

  4. I would remove for the 2% from Sofi. Leave a bit in yotta just for the chance of the hot pot tho. ;)

  5. I don’t know the answer to that one. My apologies.

  6. I have the Propel (3% dining, travel, gas and 5% streaming) and Visa Signature (50% bonus when redeeming points for travel). Should I apply for the ActiveCash to achieve the 3% for all spend or wait until a better card is released that will be a better everyday card than the Active Cash?

  7. Don’t know the answer to this but more than happy to bump and upvote. Also would recommend dropping this question in the credit cards sub Reddit as your own question to reach more people. 😉

  8. I honestly wish they spaced out these new consoles more. I still think the ps4 has a lot of life.

  9. Xbox One as in the 8th gen console or the original xbox?

  10. Well, I think that might be very annoying but I'm not sure it would mess with my head so much as make me think they were a bit strange.

  11. That's a scary thought... Hopefully nothing you'd want! :(

  12. Nothing I’d want at all. But it keeps me up for sure. Have to turn a comedy on to help calm me down

  13. Glad you have a way to calm down. Veey important to get that sleep. Can't imagine what actual fear of not waking up, might feel like. Stay strong you wonderful human!

  14. The fur is such a nice color I just the pet the dog 🥺

  15. Don’t do that tho. You got this. Just do your best from this point onward. 😊

  16. Hehe I see how that would be true, he always get sconfused as an ocelot. He is a bengal 😉

  17. I’m glad you know Babou is an Ocelot lol 😂

  18. Not gonna lie, thought I spelled it wrong. But just learned something new about whigs. Interesting. Ty

  19. Considering it's at least two out of every three of my meals.....

  20. Oh this sounds amazing! Trying this ASAP! Thanks for sharing. 🫐 🍫

  21. Mint condition 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP comp G.

  22. it was a bentley continental GT but i really like those new e-trons

  23. Peppermint or either black tea with two spoons of honey.

  24. Why not significant? The chance of ur consciousness even existing as we speak in comparison to the infinite time that is to come crazyyyyyy

  25. It is easy… if you’re born into wealth and never have to work a day in your life.

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