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My husband wants to eat mashed potatoes and gravy off my chest

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  1. When you look at wealth distribution over the last hundred years, the rich have gotten richer and poor have gotten poorer. Income ratios between CEO's and their average workers climbed from 21:1 to 350:1. Billionaires made money off of the pandemic. That's a product of capitalism. If "looking at the data and acknowledging that something needs to change" is some hippie liberal idea, then I'll take it. I'm sorry that you weren't taught better.

  2. Some people are overly eager to scream cultural appropriation!, usually when they have nothing to do with the culture, they think is being appropriated.

  3. Judgmental, humourless, moralising people who have nothing better to do with their own lives.

  4. i don't see why not. sure i'd rather see some other countries but china is awesome as well, and if the money and time is covered then what do i have to lose anyways?

  5. Your freedom potentially, if you’re heard saying one bad thing about their government.

  6. a typically joke about the government of china is that they treat better to foreigners than their own local people and absolutely their local people didn't lose their freedom.So never worry about it

  7. Depends on the context. People also say ‘go back to where you came from’ to out-of-towners who are of the same race.

  8. Actually, its not like that. I live up in Wisconsin, and there are Hispanics even here, and they dont like it if non-Spanish speakers speak Spanish to them as they feel as if we are underestimating their English and plus they are trying to improve their English.

  9. I understand it cause I once helped a singer deal with racial discrimination before.

  10. I’m undecided. Either exclusively jazz, or the Trolololo song on youtube (10 hours version).

  11. Neither, but also both. We all have the capacity for good and evil, and it’s up to us to bring out the good, and harness the capacity for evil in positive ways that will help ourselves and others.

  12. Why would you choose Iceland, unless you really love living in freezing subzero temperatures? Based on the weather alone I’d take Australia any day.

  13. Never heard of it being called ‘washing your teeth’…sounds like you’re scrubbing them with soap lol

  14. Again, people don’t understand the difference between a nation and a country. A country has independent political sovereignty. So England is a nation, the UK is a country.

  15. Just because the word ‘country’ is sometimes used too loosely on Wikipedia (as well as by some who should know better), doesn’t mean it’s factually correct. If you accept the definition of ‘country’ as an independent sovereign state, then England is not a country - although it used to be, before the UK existed. These days, England is a nation.

  16. Gordon Ramsay, so he can cook me a 5-star gourmet feast and then tell me to fuck off.

  17. I think most of the people who voted no think it’s a garlic flavoured yogurt you eat with a spoon. It’s a sauce, and it’s damned delicious!

  18. I don't understand this attitude. I've British so I've had all the others and never heard of Canes, so I chose burger king. BK is objectively worse than McDonald's and other even better fast foods, and I've tried it before, but if I get rid of Canes, I'll never be able to try it so I'll never know of it's amazing or not.

  19. Well I don’t really want to get rid of Canes, I’d be very interested to try it. It might be really excellent for all I know. But the point of the question is that I HAVE to choose one of them. Since I know and like all the others, if one of them wasn’t around I’d miss it, but I couldn’t miss something I don’t know about.

  20. The US probably wouldn’t have entered World War 2 if that was the case. Edit: as in, that’s not a good thing.

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