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Germany moves to legalise cannabis in economy-boosting bid after Merkel departure

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  1. This a shame, as I was really enjoying making apocalyptic predictions about the coming of Omicron in Starscream's voice.

  2. Not the first time I've heard the same story. Shootings at funerals is something the gangs do after already taking one. My buddy was really into the Chicago rap scene and with that comes a lot of the gang side of things too and he would go into way more detail than I cared for.

  3. The mask wearing is what you can’t stand?

  4. I made peace with the percentage of dumb people in the world a long time ago.

  5. As a CA taxpayer that cant save enough money to buy a home here because they keep taking it all...

  6. It is legal but regulated, any individual is allowed a certain amount. This weed was likely intended to be sold out of state into a illegal market

  7. All the evil stepmothers of Disney fairytales. Why aren’t there evil stepfathers?

  8. Me and Trump spit roasting Nancy Pelosi. But not like you think.

  9. Denzel, Rami Malek and Jared Leto in The Little Things

  10. I think Jared Leto modeled his walk for that film by watching old men who are trying not to shit their pants.

  11. That it should not be the top subject on half of the sub reddits I subscribe to.

  12. I’m just so tired honestly, I truly do not care anymore about the virus. I’m vaccinated and planning to be boostered when the time comes, everyone I am close with is vaccinated, I followed quarantine all throughout 2020 and 2021, I still wear a fucking mask to work. Sorry, but we’re almost 2 years in at this point. I just do not care anymore and just want all this shit to be lifted. Covid isn’t going away, this much is clear. It’s time we just moved the hell on and deal with whatever comes.

  13. As a German I believe it only when its real and happening

  14. Johnson and Johnson checking in... is that just two for us or are we still good wuth one?

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