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  1. I don’t usually read flash but is this worth reading and would I understand it

  2. Every bat suit should have the nipple doesn’t matter who plays Batman. We all grew up and connected with the nipple and it shouldn’t be taken away from us.

  3. Well the New Golden Age #1 released in November had his character bio in the back, so technically the first time he appeared at all in the comics. But Justice Society of America #1 released at the end of November, technically had his first appearance story wise in some flashback panels

  4. Was there a one shot before the new JSA run

  5. TASM 1 is so different and looks great

  6. Where’d u order it and when does it come out

  7. Did he make his first appearance recently and If so where

  8. How do u put a pumpkin on ur head and is it a permanent cosmetic

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