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  1. you need me repeat myself?????greatest nba shooters are Larrey bird .... lebron james, quinndary weatherspoon ..... wardell curry Klay thompson pistel pete (Splash brothers bang bang); austin river???? wilt chambarlain (GOAT) .... benedict cumberbatch: kyle lowey

  2. Pelicans are going to be a good example of buying into the hype of their young guys too much and the potential of being good for a long time instead of cashing in their power hand for a crazy team.

  3. Wait so at least 9 out of 15 teams in the West have a winning record against the West?

  4. I guarantee you analytics people thought about this already. And there’s a reason they’re not doing it. It’s probably a lot harder to execute than it sounds on paper

  5. I don't think Klay's been all that strong around the basket anyways. I remember as a rookie / sophomore a lot of GSW fans called the Klayups whenever he missed bunnies.

  6. He took a lot of Kobe shots earlier in the season which messed with his %s

  7. What if anyone dares to look at a ref is an automatic ejection and a 10 game suspension?

  8. Because of nephews like you getting the story twisted and spreading dumb shit

  9. Westbrook and LeBron have the best net rating as a duo in last 15 games

  10. Dame is still in his prime. Putting up 30/7 on 64TS%.

  11. Still not in mvp conversation though. But i bet in today’s NBA most teams take dame over mvp russ just for the shooting

  12. At this point, anyone familiar with OP should realize he’s either a Westbrook hater or neutral about him and just memeing. Ain’t no way a Westbrook stan can be this thick skinned

  13. Why did a good defender like Royce fall for a Westbrook deep pump fake

  14. He is at basketball, though MJ is better at dancing and singing

  15. Honestly, if your Tesla can catch fire while driving at top speed in a safe location I still have a big problem with that, even if it somehow could never ever ever happen under normal use conditions. If the car can get up to 120 MPH or whatever, even if it would be stupid to drive at that speed on any public road, there should still be no chance that it might catch fire.

  16. Don’t listen to this guy. Portland, give ‘em dame. I love Dame and everything he’s done for the city. But I want him to compete for championships before his career is over.

  17. Adams and Kanter (now Freedom for those too young) used to be called the stache bros on okc

  18. Should be Jaycyn after tonight, Celtics found their third Jay

  19. Those two never won rings under the leadership of Patrick McCaw

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