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  1. I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo of my blood type on the inside of my wrist for “just-incase-ies”. But I’m worried that people may just think I A+ at things. 😅

  2. I put mine in the ICE notes on my phone contacts for myself. There's a place to list allergies, medications, and medical conditions as well as who to contact.

  3. Yes! I have my medical info there also, and taught my one client to make sure this is always updated as her meds often change.

  4. Mycelium! I’ve been watching this and I love it. Mycelium, aka mushrooms, do so much for us in decomposing dead waste, and so much more. Mold is a form of fungal growth. Fungus is a fungi (or a fun guy), and fungi is mycelium (mold = mushrooms). Mycelium trade nutrients with plants and trees. Or sometimes they rob the plants and trees of nutrients, depending on the type.

  5. I’m was going to guess something with your immune system - but I’m not a doctor. Then I read the comments from this post and the other, and I agree with my original thought - but I’m not a doctor, nor am I trying to diagnose you. If this was me, I would look for ways to decrease inflammation, but I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose you.

  6. I’m not talking about the pee flap. I’m talking about the pocket that’s in the crotch.

  7. I think there’s men’s underwear with pockets in them for their balls. Like a bra for balls?

  8. Maybe it was thinking about growing this leaf while it was still at Trader Joe’s. Then you brought it home, and now it’s like, “Hold on. This is a new place, edit/undo”, which is another way of saying, just give it time to get used to it’s new environment.

  9. Thank you! That’s a great point, plus it got super cold here after I bought it so that might be another contributor to it regretting that new leaf. If it looks like it’s dying, do you think I should try and cut it off? I hate the idea of it sitting in the plant and rotting but I also have no idea how I could cut all of the dying stuff out lol

  10. I agree with the other person, just let it go and see what happens!

  11. Well take it one interaction at a time, one day at a time. And you don’t have to decide everything right now, all at once.

  12. Wouldn't sandpaper be worse? Like, wouldn't it not only remove the bloom, but also scratching up the shell and make it more susceptible to letting stuff in?

  13. Cudos to you! I agree with you. It would remove the bloom and let bacteria and viruses inside.

  14. When you introduce new chickens to a coop, you have to lock them in the coop for like a week or two with food and water. This teaches them that this is where they are safe and where they sleep. After that, you can let them out and make sure to put the food and water outside too. If you leave the water inside the coop, it will create humidity. Then, at night, the moisture droplets will freeze on their combs and cause frostbite.

  15. If you leave eggs on their doorstep every couple weeks, now only will they not care, but they will love your chickens. I had the grumpiest neighbor, she would avoid looking at me (prior to getting chickens) so she didn’t have to say hello. Once I started leaving her eggs, she started looking at me, smiling, and waved. :)

  16. I don’t think so, at least as far as I’m aware?

  17. They are specifically targeting people who are good looking. This means good looking young girls and women, also good looking little boys and men. Little girls, woman, little boys, and men are hemorrhaging 🩸from their 🍑 and no one is spared. Take a second to think about what would cause that, and have some empathy.

  18. I was talking with my dad about this. I’m in the US, he is very pro gun and thinks the government is trying to take away everyone’s guns. Unfortunately, I see his point, that a government that takes everyone’s rights to gun ownership ends up securing their reign/control.

  19. Reminded me a time as a kid I got accidentally told by my mom during dinner the cooked chicken was my childhood best friend. Top 10 saddest moments of my life

  20. This happened to my Nana who passed in 2020. She lived through the prohibition and the Great Depression. She was the only one born in the US, where her 3 older brothers and parents were born in Sicily.

  21. Naw my best friend is in Philly - don’t listen to them. It’s absurd. It’s cheaper to go via Greyhound. Absolutely ridiculous.

  22. The measure used isn't a very good one, because it assumes a trip on the Turnpike from the Ohio border to Philly, and then up to Scranton, which nobody is likely to do. It's still absurd, but not quite as bad as it's made out to be here.

  23. Well as one with student loans (refinanced), I spend within my budget - not whatever the fuck they are doing. Gosh, I wish I could charge my work for my loans because that’s that this sounds like. No one asked them to pay more than they had, but they did. This is not an individual, this is the fuckin Turnpike.

  24. Wear protective goggles , have a piece of cloth and a bottle of water for tear gas and have a group of trusted friends with you to support each other. Tanha nabashin gir nayoftin.

  25. I’m in the US and people used milk for tear gas if they weren’t wearing goggles. But goggles are the way to go. Also, take out your contacts if you wear them or else they will melt. You can use oven mitts to throw the tear gas back. Or hockey sticks to smack them back. If you have leaf blowers, that also helps with the tear gas.

  26. Sorry but nothing will ever replace

  27. This is what I was hoping to find! Here we will learn true facts about the duck. My other favorites are mantis shrimp and the sea whores.

  28. It looks like the stem at the base is dying.

  29. You sure f-in did?! Water color is difficult! This is beautiful! How long have you been painting??

  30. I can attest, this was absolutely delicious. My partner and I agreed Friendsgiving is going to be more delicious than actual Thanksgiving.

  31. Wow shitty of the parents to evict their husbands wife and kids after he died

  32. That’s fucked up. I genuinely hope she and her children are okay..

  33. I had one tell me I was supposed to have sex with him because we were just at a strip club. Browbeat me until I couldn't take it anymore. I just wanted to go to sleep so I gave in and he's a rapist.

  34. I’m sorry that happened to you.. that’s absolutely terrifying and so much more… I’m will say I’m glad you made it out alive. It sounds like you also had a concussion.

  35. Browbeat actually means “bully”. They weren’t beaten physically, but were absolutely beat down emotionally and as we know “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is a big load of bullshit.

  36. Well you can say that again - sticks and stones. Thank you for letting me know the meaning behind the saying. I’m glad they didn’t have the shit beat out of them.. at least.

  37. That’s what I was thinking, and harmful pesticides. I also would guess both have cause an increase in cancer, or, increase in cancer that wouldn’t have grown otherwise.

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