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  1. Looks really cute on you!!! And I love to do that aswell

  2. 😳... I do wonder! Maybe we can take a peek inside? 😳😳😳

  3. When your roommate is there I recommend having something over the sheets? So they dont get suspicious of you always washing the sheets etc. But when they're not there. Just go hehe

  4. I think IKEA has like "peepads" or idk like spillpads for your bed, so does Goodnites/DryNites! I believe there are a lot more but only ones I can think of for now!

  5. Because potty-training when you were younger :). Your brain has completely learnt that you should pee in the bed, but only "allow" when you sit down kinda....

  6. Sounds like a dream 1😍😍😍😍

  7. Because you're a little baby who needs cute diapers like those! You look really adorable

  8. Thanks I feel like it’s obvious 😣

  9. Aww dont worry. It's not obvious at all! You look great!

  10. Thank you :3 I can’t believe I forgot to post my diapered butt

  11. Hehe no worries. What kind of diaper is that? You look gorgeous in it.

  12. Awwww so adorable! So good that you changed in to a diaper atleast.

  13. Glue a tooth pick or something small to the bit that is in the paci. Then drag it out, remove the toothpick and try to like super glue the little piece to the handle?

  14. Not the kind of recommendation I had in mind but the thought is much appreciated. Honestly I've been self-conscious about using the thing since I became aware of some things LfB has gotten up to, so I'm going to seize the opportunity to get something new from someone less reprehensible. Thanks for your suggestion though!

  15. I love those so much! Baby diapers are so much better than adult ones tbh

  16. Don't be sorry! Everyone goes at their own pace you know? Nobody is forced to do it fast! Proud of you though!

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