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  1. Thank you on confirming Archangel positions. What are your thoughts are on direction of drawing pentagrams, calling Archangels? Should we still draw pentagrams clockwise (I feel like clockwise should be invoking, counterclockwise should be banishing)? In what order should Archangels be called - North>South>East>West or North>West>South>East?

  2. Take the source of this information as you will, but I heard from a channeling session from L/L Research IIRC, that the pentagrams are drawn from earth to spirit in the clockwise direction to "shine the light all around the person" (paraphrasing) as the clockwise direction is associated with radiation, or send out, or expansion. While a counterclockwise direction is associated with bringing inwards, gathering, etc. also, the pentagrams of the circle, as seen from above the practitioner, are also drawn in a clockwise direction or sequence, to "shine the light all around the area of the practitioner" thus "banishing" all negative influences. so the term "banishing is a bit of a misnomer, in a way. I take it more like "shining the light from within to without" for the banishing ritual and "calling the light from without to within" for the invoking ritual.

  3. I'm guessing you're referring to LoO, right? Which session is it from?


  5. And he is bare chested so, "Guns out, studs out."

  6. Seems the least corrupt systems will fall first…

  7. Holey fuck, you just blew my mind.... That's insane. I think your right.

  8. Well. Idk about anyone else. But slurring your words sometimes, loosing your train of thought, and incoherent babbling are some of the signs and symptoms. However in point of fact, this could be due to a number of different contributing factors that might include lack of sleep, high stress levels, and general executive function exhaustion from just the nature of the job.

  9. I read that as "Beautiful Autism Sunset" at first for some reason. 😂

  10. I freaking love this!!! the version of Star Wars that we wanted.

  11. I’ve read all the Salvatore Pais patents. I am an engineer and a patent attorney with 30 years experience. In my opinion, they are nonsense. They are not enabling and should have failed this basic test of patentability at the USPTO. Further, ask yourself why the US Government would patent this kind of advancement, if real. They would be broadcasting to the world how to build an otherwise secret and unknown game changing weapon platform. What are they going to do, sue China for using their patent? It’s absurd. This is not how governments handle classified weapons breakthroughs. I know this also because one of my best friends was a patent attorney for the US Navy’s China Lake Naval Air Weapons engineering group. This is obviously a low effort red herring for US enemies to waste resources.

  12. You clearly do not understand what it means for a patent to be enabling. This means that if Kim Jong-Un puts a gun to the head of every scientist in North Korea, they would never be able to create a functioning device with the information provided in the patents. It’s missing key information. The patents describe incomplete concepts. You don’t need to check the math to determine the patents are invalid. If the patents are invalid, you must question the motives of the USPTO for granting so many invalid patents to one person. Further it calls into question if Mr. Pais has anything more than the vapor described in these patents at all, which seems doubtful.

  13. What missing parts? Where? I have read the patents too. I have copies on my desk. What missing key information? What is incomplete about the concept? Give details for god's sake. Please just tell me why. If someone could just tell me why, I can check it out myself and then make my own determination about it's validity.

  14. Idk to me Golden Dawn has been more complicated tbh

  15. yeah, I would generally agree, Golden Dawn is more complicated, but Franz Bardon is more difficult. Bardon emphasizes feeling of energy flow, which to many practitioners can take a long time to develop. although i am not that familiar with GD it does seem to be more like, memorize and perform this like this, its has more training wheels than the Bardon tradition which leaves quite a bit up to the individual practitioner.

  16. 100% disagree, if I paint my gun red, it will fire faster. (obviously)

  17. Omg bro. :D:D:D I bet that thing fires at least 10% faster now. That paint job is sick. *thumbs up*

  18. *College kids disrupting any guest lecturer they disagree with*

  19. It Just shows how long politicians have known about the problem and still do nothing. Their perpetual silence on this subject proves their guilt. They are accomplices and criminals of the M/I complex racket driving the county into the ground.

  20. What kind of a mindless dumbshit statement is this? It is not that. It's nothing like that.

  21. if you don't pay your income tax, you are arrested. if you resist and say no, you are beaten and sent to jail for resisting arrest where you will have a significant probability of being raped.

  22. 9 out of 10 times its an electric razor but every once in a while....

  23. I have great memory in some respects, absolute trash in others... names and numbers are another two of my weaknesses.

  24. Yeah same. Super specialized data sets and categories of information stick like glue, but god help me if I have to remember three grocery items between my house and the store.

  25. Shades only protect my eyeballs. The boonie protects my face and neck skin.

  26. I mean, those are valid points... I guess it depends on context. I think if your down range or over seas then fuck yeah, boonies all day. but if your state side and indoors most of the day, then, eh, I don't think it should fly personally.

  27. I’m outdoors for work all day every day no matter what country I am in lol. Approve my full time boonie hat already.

  28. well yeah, if your outdoors all day then boonies should be authorized. seems logical to me.

  29. There comes a point (where people say they are God, but it gets deeper than that for sure) when you become aware that you are in fact the only conscious being on this planet.

  30. Well now I am super confused. What was all that talk about "actual reality" about then if this is your perspective.??? (Which I very much agree with) I thought you were arguing for some kind of objective reality but now I don't know what to think. Please elaborate.

  31. No, I was saying that no one is experiencing a reality that is anywhere near objective. They only perceive it that way, but life is wild and very turbulent and when done right, you can ride the dragon.

  32. I know right? He post fancy pants EDC shit without the details... Gugh. I'm curious about that sexy pry bar he got there.

  33. What is that prybar you got there? It's pretty.

  34. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I actually hate hoe some of us have to shove the pride flag down people's throats. Not every organization has to support us, so yall have to respect that

  35. Thank you! You said that much better that I could.

  36. I am extremely curious about this phenomena as well. I have strong heart center activation towards the end of the LBRP and going into the LIRH in my case. As time has gone on this sensation has only increased and now sometimes includes the crown or third eye center too if I am really into it. my centers also seem to vibrate for about 30 min to an hour afterwards, but I can also feel it sometimes when I go to bed like a elevated full body vibration. it also happens to me sometimes during meditation if I am strongly visualizing something but it is most active if I am intentionally trying to perform some kind of magic mentally.

  37. it turns out, that pollution has consequences.

  38. Pollution? Hydropower accounts for 85% of Sichuan electricity sources, they sell a lot of it to the neighbouring provinces. Sichuan is probably greener and cleaner than the place you live in. The shortages are happening because there is not enough water to produce electricity.

  39. yeah, and why is there not enough water?

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