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  1. Remote work in a niche sector of the travel industry

  2. Wont this method flash people? Not in the car rn, and can’t visualize.

  3. It wont. Pulling the stalk will flash them, pushing the stalk will not ... it will just disengage auto HB

  4. lol you are the exact reason there is so much hate towards Tesla drivers.

  5. They sold out the arena for the 2 playoff games and averaged around 6k attendance in the regular season. Plenty of people attend their games.

  6. Interesting that they didn't sell out earlier in the season before they were in the playoffs. I wonder why. Maybe because Vegas is a bandwagon town and people are only interested when our team is winning.

  7. lmao @ all the downvotes from everyone sitting at home in their Aces championship gear, googling the names of Aces players

  8. Jesus how many of you don't even open the forum before posting the same shit over and over? There's literally 3 threads on this

  9. I just did a replay on ADSB Exchange and holy fuck that area was a mess. Planes everywhere, a fucking paraglider cruising through, then just after this accident happens a decathlon and an RV get within what seems like a few hundred feet of each other almost over the same spot.

  10. Are the two airplanes on the right (over the road) the accident airplanes? Bad luck, they were separated by 300 feet at that point.

  11. No, the screenshot I posted was 2 other aircraft about a mile away within a few mins after the accident aircraft crashed.

  12. They're all pretty much just real life versions of all the people you find here on reddit

  13. I’m imagining two homeless guys yelling at each other about Star Wars.

  14. which is basically reddit in a nutshell. I rest my case.

  15. Are they usually on the plant or is the plant prone to gnat damage?

  16. Anything you buy from a store, in particular Home Depot or Lowes will more than likely be infested with gnats in. I would be isolating that plant in a separate room as soon as I bring it home, then repotting it with clean soil as soon as possible. The woil likely has who knows how many gnat eggs preparing to hatch.

  17. what is the abandoned warehouse you speak of?

  18. That is what we do. We shop at Vons or Albertson's and can get up to 1.10 off gas at times. These are the 2 closest grocery stores so it helps.

  19. If it's anything like Smiths points, are you really spending 1k at Albertsons every month? Seems insane.

  20. OP, any update to how this is going? I just planted one and hoping it doesn't die.

  21. Ergh. That sucks. I’m not keeping out much hope for mine, seems like it’s going to be an uphill battle.

  22. The drive on Friday to Vegas is usually fine, as people spread out their departure times. Unlike the return Vegas-LA on a Sunday, where everyone leaves practically the same time around hotel check out time. You'll be fine.

  23. Eh, you should see aussie backpackers. I swear, the further they get from their home (Toorak) the more their accent approximates Paul Hogan’s

  24. I'm an aussie living in the US, and I've never read a more accurate statement. Hopefully a lot of you take some of the advice in here when you all jump on the plane in your North Face jackets and obnoxiously loud accents, making sure everyone knows you're Australian

  25. I stopped going out to eat.

  26. This. We've pretty much stopped giving money to any of the big fast food or fast casual corporations. At some point, you just have to stop and wonder ... are they trying to cover inflated costs and wages, or are they using everything happening as an excuse to raise prices and make record profits? Sorry but a caniac and a 3 finger combo (9 fingers that have shrunk, a tiny amount of fries and some pieces of texas toast) is not worth $25+ of my money.

  27. I mean, I kind of get it with some of the fucking tools and 10 year olds that are in this community ... must be mind numbing having to deal with you all every day complaining nonstop.

  28. Ok I take back my comments ... I just google him for interest and there's complaints basically saying he is rude and acting like a dick to 2012 lmao. This guy is a douche canoe for sure

  29. I've started staying there at 25, now 35 and still my go to at least once a year.

  30. Cosmo is fantastic, and I feel like it's aging better and better, as the other resorts desperately try and revamp and revive their tired properties. I was chilling in the Boulevard pool on Saturday for a few hours and the vibe is really awesome

  31. Yeah I mean everything new is still trying to be them. Cosmo is over a decade old and doesn't feel any older than Resorts World. They're definitely doing it right. Hopefully MGM doesn't mess up their vibes.

  32. Also bring some electrolyte powder or sports drink. Sometimes, just water is not enough. I learned this lesson in Death Valley.

  33. This. I think a lot of people think just drinking water works, but when you're sweating so much the importance of electrolytes can't be understated. Can be gatorade, liquid IV, coconut water etc .... definitely don't just do water though

  34. You gave a random dude, on the Vegas strip no less, $5k and expected to see your money again?

  35. This. At some point people need to take responsibility for their own actions. Yes, conmen like this should be hung, drawn and quartered but people need to grow a brain and not give out hard earned money to random strangers in the hopes of making more.

  36. I must take an FAA approved alternate color vision test for my class 1 as well. There are things you need to understand about color vision before proceeding with what I believe to be a very grave mistake.

  37. While I agree with some of your statement, I don't agree with "this is the worst gamble with your career you could make".

  38. If you can pass a Farnsworth Lantern test, then you can pass a Farnsworth Lantern test… period. It’s not some gimmick that magical AME’s let you slide under the radar with. If that AME stops practicing, then go to a different AME. You don’t even have to go to an AME for the color vision test. You can go to any licensed ophthalmologist per FAA regulation for just the color vision test. When you arrive for your medical examination with the AME, you don’t perform that portion of the physical because the ophthalmologist has already faxed the appropriate documentation to your AME at your request.

  39. Sure, but if the only test someone can pass is an obscure one that only a handful of docs have access to, what happens then if it becomes obsolete? There are many stories online of people that fail most of the tests, but can pass one specific one for some reason.

  40. Smiths and Albertsons both do the "make your own 6 packs". They're around $11.99 from memory. I've noticed recently though a lot of the beers on offer are just standard, like 805, Golden Road etc

  41. Also forgot, Servezah downtown is probably the best option. They have a walk in cooler that has a bucket load of craft beers, ciders etc. They are a little pricey but they will have stuff you won't find anywhere else.

  42. You don't like them? They are certainly expensive but I've enjoyed them when I've had them. Their sides are trash though, wouldn't pay for them. I just haven't found any other good ones in town so they are my go to if I want to blow $20+ in 3 minutes.

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