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  1. nah fuck you. how are you?

  2. why are you asking if he is one? You got smth personal abt them?

  3. INTP - Quality Time + Physical Touch

  4. Psych2Go is great, I like watching their videos on my night walks with my dog, it's very relaxing but you're right they can't be trusted with MBTI related videos, they once posted an MBTI video when they called ESFP "ESPF" and it wasn't just a typo, they actually said ESPF the entire video

  5. i remember watching that a while ago

  6. Yes I laughed at it in a comment but no one replied

  7. because people are too busy replying to comments saying “yeas i relaat to dis as an ifnj TTTT!1!!1!1!1”

  8. Guys do you think there’s a new guy in China called the 🦐 type

  9. There's a new type of guy in China called the 🦐 type

  10. this just hurts to read, and yes, i know this is fake

  11. ain’t no way 💀💀

  12. it appeared in my thoughts

  13. esfj mom, isfj dad, istp here

  14. istp, male, feeling like shit because of problems i have with my parents

  15. We cannot chose our parents. Either we accept them as they are or we really cannot because of fundamental differences or serious issues.

  16. because with legos you can build almost anything

  17. Preparing for DDD already? Damn, you're fast

  18. yeah i get told that pretty often

  19. i’m often too honest, and i don’t think everything through

  20. Damn my Twitter account got mass reported and deleted

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