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  1. dropped my fucking vape in the toilet and instinctively reached in to get it 🥲

  2. idk if this will help you, but it’s helped me decrease binges/purges by telling myself i am NOT allowed to purge under any circumstance (this has worked mainly when i’ll have an event to go to or something that i don’t want my face to be swollen for). do i still binge? yes, but if i tell myself “ok sure you can have those cookies too but you CAN’T purge so are you willing to face the consequences and pain of being even more stuffed??” and usually it helps me cut it short. of course i slip up often and do purge but i’ve found this has helped me decrease it. sometimes i don’t even go into a full-on binge at all because i tell myself i’m not allowed to purge it afterwards so i force myself to hold off

  3. So good right? I’m gonna get so fat again 😩

  4. literally… i’ve started buying all these vegan junk food alternatives just for the sake of trying them and i’ve already gained 15 lbs since like february😭😭 time to get back to work losing it🥲

  5. No… not only because i need to know about sexual compatibility beforehand but also because i’d crave the physical intimacy. it seems like it would feel like too platonic of a relationship otherwise? idk i just feel like sex is a love language and i would not marry a man before we’ve connected at that deeper level and are totally 100% comfortable and open with each other in every sense

  6. i’m recently 21, it started at 18 fr but i was “dieting” on and off since i was like 13

  7. People who can't swim (a normal life skill) joining the Navy is not the same as people who can't fly a plane (a specialized skill) joining the airforce

  8. i could be wrong but i read it as a joke because no humans can fly..

  9. well im a 32b so im not sure theres much to loose idk i just dont wanna have nothing there yk

  10. i’m 5’7”, started off at like ~155 lbs as a 34B and now i’m 125 lbs and a 32B. When I gain weight it goes to my lower half, and when I lose it, it also comes mostly from there. My boobs shrunk a bit, yes, but they’re proportional to the rest of my body still so they don’t really look smaller than they used to. I just look thinner all around. Tbh I think they looked even smaller when I was bigger since my thighs, ass, arms were bigger too. now it’s all even

  11. it’s an error; kananugetti is pronounced with a hard ‘g’ like in english. since it’s just derived from the english “nugget” the pronunciation was kept

  12. Congratulations, you’re doing great!

  13. this is insane!! proud to say helsinki is my birth city lol looks like i have to go back

  14. Viineri is a type of pastry. says "Danish pastry." Maybe that will make it clearer.

  15. i LOVE salads they’ve moved their way up to deadass being my favorite food

  16. Do combinations of food count? mine is oatmeal w/protein powder :)

  17. oats, protein bars/powder, salad, sweet potatoes, pretty much all fruit, hummus

  18. seconding cooking sprays like other people said but personally i just… don’t use it? idk. i don’t bake really ever and I’m vegan so i don’t cook eggs or anything that would stick horribly to a pan. i use an air fryer very often which is nice—highly recommend. i don’t use any oil or sprays in it so things do stick a little but not really. if sautéing mushrooms or veggies and whatnot in a pan i’ll find an alternative like water or soy sauce sometimes. i’ve used vegan butter/margarine a few times when i’m craving it but not very often. even if you’re not vegan, you could check out

  19. proud to say i have every red flag except the hair one

  20. same… salad is my favorite food and i’ll make huge ones while meticulously tracking every calorie but then i feel like shit for the rest of the day because i’m bloated and my stomach is full to the brim even though i know it was just x calories

  21. it’s not what you want to hear, but the only way to reduce it is by not purging. i’m at 6 days purge-free now and there’s been a notable decrease. i notice that when i’m purge-free for a while like this, sometimes the swelling will come back full force after just one relapse again :(

  22. i eat super clean now<3 i’m also vegan (almost a year now!) which wasn’t BECAUSE of my ED but as much as i hate to admit it, that was probably an underlying factor. still doing it for the animals & environment though and i don’t plan on stopping

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