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  1. Is there a plan to deal with the large volume of decommissioned solar panels we will be seeing in the near future? With a lifespan of 20-30 years and rapidly aging technology we could have a large problem on our hands as people work to replace defunct ones. I hope they aren't straight to a landfill.

  2. Everything I've read says that 75 - 90% of a solar panel (by mass) is recyclable/reusable.

  3. Unsure. But possibly, other cities are watching to judge the feasibility/economics of mandating (through municipal bylaws) that future large scale commercial projects must include solar in their development plans.

  4. Removed - Healthcare services are the responsibility of the Province.

  5. If they're trash, why would you want to buy more of them?

  6. I'm not sure it's worth the expense at this point. The next general election is less than 8 months away.

  7. When the party is saying they'll hold a by-election in a rural riding if Ms. Smith wins the leadership, it's hard to accept they won't run one in this riding.

  8. It tastes like their gravy! I got a bag at the downtown Safeway and have seen them at the Safeway on Centre Street NW

  9. That's trashy as heck. I think Peter's makes enough money and relies heavily enough on word of mouth that they could have paid for it and been viewed in a positive light. I will not be eating here and will actively recommend people visiting to not eat here either.

  10. Peter’s is being shitty. This should pay this woman for her costs or else they are sending a really bad message to potential customers.

  11. TLDR: Sage Hill Rock disguised itself as two houses.

  12. I'm preeeetty sure this is just a picture of a guy waiting for the bus.

  13. Sounds like a bargin, considering what it would have cost us. The sunk cost fallacy is pernicious.

  14. I suppose that's true if you believe the City isn't going to pursue another event centre deal.

  15. None of the OP's examples are particularly unique to Calgary.

  16. That price is maybe not the cheapest near you, but it's 134.9 at the Buffalo Run Costco.

  17. Yeah I noticed that one always the lowest! Costco at cross iron is 147.9, big differences

  18. How many McD's are being renovated right now??? Seems like a lot.

  19. They just finished 130 Ave a few months ago. Actually increased the seating inside for some reason.

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