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  1. Fun fact of the day; there have been 13 footballing families that have had at least 2 members at Manchester City. (This was a hard one to research, there may be more).

  2. As you've said there's a few more such as the Pozo brothers (Iker and Jose Angel), the Dele-Bashiru brothers (Fisayo and Tom), the Nmecha brothers (Felix and Lukas), the Schmeichels (Kasper and Peter), the Etuhus (Dickson and Kelvin) and the Mouldens (Paul and Louie).

  3. No - the one that has just come out is supposedly voted by the players whilst the game's TOTY is voted by EA Sports.

  4. What was Pep's reasoning behind not using a DM in CL final?

  5. To be more direct, more offensive, but obviously that wasn't how it turned out.

  6. Contrary to popular belief, Pep hasn’t been backed by the board

  7. A quick trivia before I doze away: A PL club X refused to try to sign Zidane because they had Y player playing for them. Name the club X and player Y.

  8. Who's the worst English football Pundit and why is it Danny Murphy?

  9. Predictions for Man United vs Villa? Please be unbiased.

  10. Lol at the meltdown in that Haaland story, worth the 1000 or so downvotes I’ve taken since the summer talking up Madrid’s Vini-Haaland-Mbappé front 3 for next season.

  11. Open DD, James vs TAA discussion no less than 10 comments down. All is right in the universe.

  12. Weird that Kyle Walker isn't usually part of these discussions as he's better than both.

  13. Those AMAs which are definitely with the players and not their PR team. The

  14. Fairly weird comment considering the flair. It's also incorrect.

  15. City’s defence looked pretty fucked suspect today didn’t it.

  16. Missing two crucial players in Walker and Rodri and had Bernardo Silva playing up front which left the midfield more exposed than it otherwise would have been.

  17. Zinchenko is a very average player. He has plenty mistakes in him and often switches off. They almost scored 4th coz he switched off like an idiot. He is a squad player thats it. Played really well against PSG but i still doubt him. Name one top club he would start in (Middle/Lb) position apart from us.

  18. At the highest level winning trophies is literally the point of playing football. If you’re a top level player you want to win trophies. Nothing else really matters when all is said and done.

  19. Stones has probably been the best over the past year out of all the names I've mentioned. Brilliant for City in the league and Champions League and was a pivotal part of an England side which reached the final of the Euros.

  20. JJ getting sacked...very bad day for football fans :(

  21. If it means Bernardo Silva leaves City for Benfica when his contract expires as opposed to leaving at the end of this season then it's a great day for football 😸

  22. Are Man City linked to any attacker that would replace Torres? Not Kane or Haaland or anything I mean a young player or 30-40m player?

  23. Why do people rate Foden over Mount. Is it because he has a better PR or is he more marketable. Mount was more consistent and better than him last season and is having a better season right now. 7 goals and 4 assists compared to 4 goals and 3 assists that too in a more redundant attacking system.

  24. Disagree. I think they're set to compete for top 4 for at least the next three seasons. Beyond that I don't know.

  25. Salah or Eto’o as greatest African player ever? No recency bias or nostalgia bias allowed.

  26. Mason Mount is the young man's Jordan Henderson

  27. Not amongst the best but a good midfielder nonetheless, I'd agree with that.

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