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FBI executes search warrant at Trump's Mar-a-Lago

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  1. Business is business. If it's a win/win you do it, even if the other side is asshoe.

  2. They've been buddy buddy. McCourt owns half the parking lot so any venture/project that potentially impedes with that revenue isn't going to fly with him unless he's directly profiting off of it.

  3. His firm is the one proposing to own and operate it! Thus, still cashing in.

  4. He has made me OK with losing SeaGOAT. More than OK, I gladly accept it now. Always gonna miss Seager, but Trea is Bae now. And hopefully for a looooong time.

  5. Some rich Republicans prolly paying these clowns to “be about the people”.

  6. I may get hate but not a big of in n out I prefer five guys.

  7. Nations > Tommys chili burgers Yeah I said it

  8. You know what else is brown and yellow?

  9. I walk out of LAX if it’s too busy down to the the bar across from in-n-out no extra charges

  10. It’s a joyful morning when your little one leaks poo out of their diaper. It’s been 30 mins and I’m still finding poo here and there on my sandal… the dresser etc. hope everyone else is having a better Monday!

  11. Porsche is out of my price range and Im not crazy about the Mach E. The VW is a nice EV, but it's VW of the lying about emissions fame.

  12. VW is learning the hard way about their fuck up and are actually said to be going all EV in the next 10 or so years. They’ve committed to changing their ways we hope.

  13. I’ve noticed the city is switching to this strategy. It’s definitely a form of hostile architecture.

  14. I’m down for any flavor of wholesome dinosaur shit honestly

  15. I think people are getting sick of their teams to the point where memes aren’t healing anymore. Lol it’s been a long season

  16. What's a good template for both bullpens trying to throw as hard as they can?

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