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An origami dwarf I folded.


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  1. Thanks for the comment! I just saw that as I was doing some more searching. Looks great, but it's little out of my budget. If I could find something used for around $300 that would be ideal.

  2. Behringer X-air18, man. That thing is amazing. A teeny-tiny x-32 experience.

  3. Gift of Gab, cast on myself.

  4. Teleportation would be fucking god tier with ADHD, no idea what OP is on about. I suppose if it had a really loose thought trigger that would be super easily activated on impulse it would cause issues, but otherwise?

  5. It's just typical misrepresentation of ADHD again where people think it's all about being scatter minded.

  6. ... it is, for some people.

  7. What the fuck is this thin lime green line?

  8. I thought you were joking, but then looked closer at the decals on the truck.

  9. the amount of people in this thread who need their eyesight checked is wild.

  10. Witchcraft is when you control your own body. This is the dumbest confidence I've ever seen.

  11. Ah, I was guessing "regional production of Cats or West Side Story."

  12. Yeah... maybe it's cool... not clicking that link.

  13. Caleb does not use German phrases enough to map them to a specific accent. In fact, while the "quality" of Liam's pronunciation of German words has improved throughout the campaign, it is still noticeably the accent of someone with English as his native language.

  14. It's like Americans doing a "British" accent; very few of them can do anything other than "posh/cockney", and even then it's closer to the American "street urchin I am I am" vibe.

  15. This feels very liminal and familiar and I don’t know why. This is going to bother me all day.

  16. it's a new picture taking recently, and it's been posted and discussed on reddit before. It's weirdly "bait-y".

  17. (explanatory beeps) is fuckin hilarious.

  18. the danes are in league with satan and this is just one bullet point on a long list of proofs

  19. We Danes know that "proof" is an uncountable noun. Even with our superior math we wouldn't be able to have multiple.

  20. I don't know if I'm supposed to be exited or sad that i got that from just that corner

  21. Hah, I recognised KR straight away.

  22. So a red eye with an extra shot of espresso. Sounds like a simple order. I have been wondering though, is it okay if I've never enjoyed coffee from Starbucks and I haven't been to one in 10+ years?

  23. It’s awesome. If I had to add a critique, which is hard, I would expect the lid to have more condensation with that much steam and boiling water

  24. and condensation on the wall as well. It's basically spraying water vapour out in that direction.

  25. piezo as a free-standing element? How would you connect it to your computer?

  26. I have a piezo soldered to xlr which can go into my Babyface but question is it's noisy data I believe. how to quickly create a patch and map the useful ranges. I was thinking of perhaps a performative aspect. like piano performer in rain suit one piezo under left arm one under right (need help with finding useful ranges for it) and it trigger different grains or sound files for example or a sine tone. A sort of paying respect to the unpaid sounds of a pianist. Haha

  27. ah, then just use the bonk~ object and you're golden.

  28. also, which shops sell it in EU, even?

  29. It's the next Taylor Swift album cover.

  30. Analog synths aren't inherently different or better, but many of them have qualities that are desirable that VSTs can't easily replicate.

  31. As someone who’s been programming professionally for nearly 30 years, this sent a shiver up my spine

  32. That's also a matter of how many people they stick in those trenches. In WWI they were doing massed attacks and would concentrate hundreds of thousands of men in the trenches then have them run across an open field into machine guns.

  33. yeah, during ww1 the trenches were obviously terrible... but they were absolutely preferable to going Over.

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