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Third world country with a fake Gucci belt

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  • By - K-88

  1. Hey, I am a Magic The Gathering fan and I want nothing to do with that creature.

  2. Before you make any harsh decision, nut. It’ll clear your mind. It’s easier to do so by masturbating.

  3. Un museo en el centro de la cdmx, y si el clima lo permite, caminar por madero o tacuba. Invitale un elote o esquites. Bitches love esquites. Edit: me la pelan los puritanos que me downvotean por decir “bitches”

  4. That’s Mr. Peanut’s wife’s cameltoe. Allegedly.

  5. you didnt fuck up today, you fucked up for months. today you faced the consequences of your actions.

  6. I don’t know what I am supposed to be looking at.

  7. I’d like to present you all my new startup, imagine uber, but when you really need to use the restroom.

  8. Even with both bags deployed, hope he got his sandal back.

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