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AITA for agreeing with my daughter that I didnt like her name?

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. U don't really need it, just get dracula armor and refine it till u can, will greatly help u in boss hunts too, it will be the same, boss will 1hit u if ur not 2m hp above, so just go for white lvl 80 and get those dps set effect, and refining violets are problematic

  2. I use POCO F3 for daily quests and events, no lag at all at exquisite graphics but I only set it to balance performance to save battery, for AFK'ing i run emulator on my pc during the day/while working then use my old huawei p10 for overnight grinding.

  3. Hi, would like to ask for you experience during KVM/GVG? Any fps drop ? I'm eyeing POCO F3

  4. That he's oversimplifying the story and can't give exact details on what political views exactly were forced on him, makes me think that he never read the book and only realizes now that what the teacher is sharing is actually the intended interpretation of the author and mistakes this for the teacher's own beliefs

  5. Personally I'd just stick with crit even for PVP, the dmg difference between crit and pen type hunter is not that significant in my experience

  6. It's needed. It's very unfair for customers who are paying legitimately, while others are getting diamonds for a third of the price. I see a lot of people on facebook complaining about getting banned, but they should've prepared themselves the moment they decided to buy from third party. I also see some f2ps complain we should thank whales for buying our exchange center and that they're the reason the game is alive lol! Once the seller refunds from their account, the developer gets nothing at all, so there's really nothing stopping the developer from banning these so called "whales", and keeping them won't "keep the game alive".

  7. It's absurd that people are justifying that almost everyone's been doing it and ROX should've just let them off with a warning - but c'mon, they already have rules in place, so any ban for those who went against TOS only have themselves to blame

  8. True, it's unbelievable how some people are still trying make themselves out to be the victim. A streamer tried to sell his account after getting the mail, but later deleted the post and admitted to getting banned

  9. I tried all refining rituals all at once one time, 2 fail 1 success, rainbow weather, fake click, low ms, and my bow dropped from +6 to +3. Now I struggle on getting that back. Some people do ritual and get to +8, some don't. Dataminers haven't found anything that affects refine success rate so far

  10. I've seen players in my server who were able to reach high mvp rankings with full white equips, and now have changed to blue/gold weapon, it's easier to +6 a blue weapon than +8 a white. I'm not sure what class you are, but if you are crit type, drake set is only good until you reach level 70, the critdmg from refine of moonlight set is far bettet (edit: just mentioned this in case one of the reasons you plan on going for white set is because of set effect)

  11. Lately, im realizing that pen hunter is pretty good as well, you might want to consider that also. Our guild's pen and crit sniper with around the same high upgrades etc. have roughly the same damage during Otherworld Gate(they are also both active mvp hunters) though crit still higher. Currently crit hunter, wishing i stuck with pen instead, as they can afford to spam more stun skills in kvm.

  12. Try give each team one smith, priest and knight, place wiz all in one team.

  13. Aim 120-130% crit. My set up is currently certificate, 1 matyr, 1 drake brooch. This gives me 123% crit rate. You can stop at 120% crit if you don't do bosshunt, 120% seem fine for normal mobs, but I imagine future mobs will have higher anticrit

  14. Yes. Don't regret getting it during the event when its value was only 180k crystal, and now it's going up to 500k. Murphy is OP because of PVP dmg reduction, and here we have ragna card which is not limited to pvp. Now I can just sell shoe 20% hp cards when I get them

  15. I don't find this series scary anymore at all, after 10 years, I've gotten used to its formula I guess. I just think the ghosts are cool and the gameplay and design is nostalgic now, so I still love it and hope for another game in the future

  16. If you have dex(or whichever main stat you use) enchant, go dex, if got something else, use other acce. The only reason dex enchant is good in the first place is because of stat% accessories. I plan to do gold dex + crit dmg. Too much of something is not always good, because of diminishing returns (except pen i guess, because of the new formula)

  17. Thanks. I’m a sinx actually. I’m just curious if going stat build is just plain best? Then other builds are just feasible / fun?

  18. For what it's worth, the strongest whales have atleast one stat% accessory slotted

  19. Lol, you're just posting on this sub to find people who would agree with you. If you're just going to selectively pick out the responses you only wanna hear, what's the point of asking here? People are here to help you realize what you did and point out why your daughter and wife reacted that way.

  20. They're usually cheap because they're not optimal picks. Gold doesn't necessarily mean it will give you the better dps, i saw a sniper share that he dealt more dps with +7 certificate than +4 p.attack gold talisman, mostly because the extra crit rate it gives from upgrade is better I guess. Dragon fly one is alright actually especially if you don't have 2 or 3 anubis. but once you achieve 130-140% crit already, there's not much reason to refine it anymore, might need to replace your anubis cards with requiem, shizue or wolf in the future just so refining your ring will actually do something. Phantom shadow I would just sell if I ever I loot it honestly, I'm satisfied with my current attackspeed

  21. Fatal Frame 2 falling woman for sure. Watched my uncle play FF2 when I was around 8, her expression and screaming when she falls down is haunting.

  22. Same, I've only fainted in very public places and it's very embarrassing

  23. Fainted once while in line to pay for my groceries, my vision just blacked out and my legs just stopped working. The lady/stranger behind me caught me before I hit the ground. Very embarassing experience, but a fun story to tell now 😂

  24. Go for it, as your bow is still +4 anyway! Are you topping up or completely converting crystal to dias per month? Saving crystals for gold weapon is very expensive + the refine materials. My teammate's growth stagnated from saving crystals for drake card, and he is actually already a semi spender, can't imagine for 100% f2p.

  25. My friend got an additional 400 matk after unlocking upg awakening, haste go up by 110, hp up by 10k. Tempted to hit my weapon now also instead of pushing upgrade awakening

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