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  1. I don't get why he feels the need to go fast enough that the guy has to run to begin with, especially if you're being filmed.

  2. Yeah. Does he usually run at a full fucking sprint around Holyrood? Actually I hope he does. It'd be funny.

  3. I always compare NLOTH to Pop, in so much as they are both albums that started with a fresh concept (meditative “future hymns” for NLOTH and essentially a techno/electro/dance album for Pop) that the band lost their nerve or interest for halfway through and tried to shoe horn the type of songs they thought they needed to make it more “U2”.

  4. I've always kinda thought that Songs of Ascent would've been that full-on "future hymns" record. Shame it never happened. Maybe one day.

  5. A right you say? Care to show me where that right is guaranteed? What law protects it?

  6. Azo Tle Nelli in Tlalticpac? off of Zipolte Machine is the only song of the mountain goats that I have listened to once and skipped it every other times I've listened to the album. The guitar is so grating and the lyrics sound like they were improv

  7. I love Azo Tle Nelli! It's got such a strange and mysterious vibe to it.

  8. One of the greatest bass players of all time and a complete certified fucking legend.

  9. Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light by Divine Styler is one of the weirdest and most fucked up records ever made. It's barely hip-hop. It's barely any genre. I've never heard anything like it.

  10. The screenshot wasn't taken in 2009, Facebook didn't look like this then

  11. I ordered a copy of The Name Of This Band is Talking Heads when Amazon had it up for something like £10 in May 2021 and it didn't arrive until January last year.

  12. I knew two, twins, who went with names out of Patrick O'Brien's books. Also, HUGE fans of Pet Shop Boys. It's been a while since I've heard from them; I hope they're all right.

  13. I scanned this and just caught "twins", "names" and "pet shop boys". Neil and Chris aren't bad names!

  14. Damn, that sucks. I would have called an employee or woken them up and asked them to leave. Why the f*ck would you go to see any movie knowing you're so tired you would conk out during the show.

  15. I can forgive it honestly, they were older people and I think the near dead silence in the cinema towards the end and the fact that it was about 11pm could put someone to sleep quite easily. Not ideal obviously but I wouldn't want to make it a big deal.

  16. Dead Presidents has fucked pacing. It's a good film but really slams straight from slow burning drama about a group of friends struggling to cope after coming home from Vietnam into a fast paced heist movie. It could've really used another 30 minutes to an hour to make the transition between the two work better.

  17. No. That LFO (the one on warp; the real og one) is doing fine.

  18. I'm afraid not - Mark Bell died in 2014.

  19. Take it back offline. You can't stop scripts unless you go back to selling tickets at a window. That actually fixes everything.

  20. Nine Inch Nails did this a few years ago and by all accounts it was a fun time waiting in line. I think they had exclusive merch and a chance to hear unreleased music while waiting.

  21. Not related specifically to this Ticketmaster fiasco but fuck are The Cure one of the best live bands to see. They're better now than they ever were. Truly magnificent.

  22. I mean, not to defend Elon but Flappy Golf is an awesome game

  23. I've wanted this since I started buying records. I'll take seven.

  24. there is a youtube channel that just uploads old episodes of Siskel & Ebert and i love watching it when i eat dinner

  25. I've nearly exhausted their worst of the year episodes so I'm going to be moving onto the rest soon I think.

  26. Yeah I think it was just because Norman Lamont had presented an award already that night.

  27. Assorted thoughts on Halo: Combat Evolved, a videogame I beat this weekend:

  28. The halo games through to 4 are one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had. After that things get a bit dicey but Infinite is pretty great.

  29. Infinite--the multiplayer, at least--is a fantastic game if you play a couple hours every couple weeks. I can see how it can be frustrating ir underwhelming if Halo is, like, your Thing, but if you're just hangin' out on a Thursday evening blowin' off steam, it's a rock-solid experience.

  30. I really liked the single player but it didn't hit the same as the older ones.

  31. I've recently gotten into Roy Orbinson and love how unique his voice is. His song

  32. Roy Orbison's falsetto sounds like an alien transmission. One of the greatest sounds in the world.

  33. Marr has done lots of different things, but different doesn’t necessarily mean good.

  34. Now I’m confused. I must have mixed up stories or something. Oh well

  35. Yeah it was the conservatives that wanted him gone for comparing government rhetoric on asylum seekers to 1930s Germany.

  36. I really like Hellraiser but I fucking love Hellraiser 2. Seems like a bit of an unpopular opinion but the whole film really shook me with the way it runs entirely on nightmare logic.

  37. Also, most public radio stations played a specific tone exactly on the hour, each hour, so you always had a way to check that your watch was keeping time and make adjustments.

  38. The BBC still do that over the radio every hour on most of their stations.

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