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  1. It’s a long story. The palace was built in the 16th century by the magician De Bursis who entertained the Gonzaga family that ruled over the Marquisate and the Duchy of Mantua from the 14th century until the 18th century, in fact the Villa was designed by Giulio Romano, one of the greatest Italian architects who worked in Mantua. Idk why the Villa was built specifically in Sorgà, which has never been part of Mantua, but had been part of the Republic of Venice since 1404/1405 until the end of the Republic in 1797.

  2. Can... Can you visit it? I live like 45 minutes away from there.

  3. I don't have a girlfriend or anything could fill the void I have been for years , so how I can stop watching porn and start feeling the happiness from other things ?

  4. Motivations to quit from the outside are not guaranteed to be there forever, and if you base your healing in others, it will be a heavy burden for them. The most important person to be there for you is you. You are not your own void, you can fill your own void with yourself. And it's worth it.

  5. Nice meme bro. I highly suggest this song by EDEN, talks about this same thing.

  6. No it's not, nobody said it would be. But you just need to know that it is possible, if you really want to.

  7. Does it really matter? I mean, there's no valid motivation not to release the poor guy.

  8. You could stuff it as a trophy. I dont know if they taste good but fish can also be eaten.

  9. I really can't understand this entire state of mind. Trohpy of what? Of the fact that you killed a harmless animal? It's not even that difficult, you just need to buy the equipment and have a little experience, which isn't even really necessary due to technology and shit nowadays. I mean, does it represent the fact that you won a relatively easy battle? Does it represent the superiority of the human race above animals because we are stronger and smarter?

  10. Absolutely Porter Robinson, EDEN and Nujabes. Their music is about love, compassion, acceptance, love, getting better, exploring, dealing with anything bad. And although it's not really mindful, I'd also suggest the Rumjacks, especially for the lyrics of their latest 2 albums.

  11. Why did he bring me in to the conversation by the way?

  12. Yeah my friends and I also have these silly names. In our case, totally aware.

  13. The story behind that song broke me. I can't listen to it without weeping.

  14. Defecatio mattutina bona tam quam medicina Defecatio meridiana neque bona neque sana Defecatio vespertina ducet hominem ad ruinam

  15. Some body once told me the sweats are gonna roll me (real parody on YouTube, and it's a channel all of hunt showdown parodys)

  16. How in the fuck— why the fuck, is a fuckin chair, watching goddamn Hunt: Showdown parody videos?!

  17. Che poi se graviti in zona centro Italia, ci sta pure che ci siamo visti a qualche torneo anni fa

  18. Improbabile, sono di Padova e gioco fisso solo dall'inizio della 3E purtroppo. Che master giochi, per curiosità?

  19. Ah! Capisco. Io ho fatto tornei in 2ed, principalmente Ophelia o Zipp.

  20. Ah, a fellow gremlin. Moonshine & big hats, ya twig!!!


  22. Tante! Tra le altre: Italianistica, Algoretica, Inzaccherare, Arzigogolo, Intruglio, Quirinabile, Luridume, Pastiera, Solstizio, Masnadiero, Caravanserraglio, Svetrinare. :grin:

  23. Tutti a chiagnere miseria. Che ppalle. Sono partito da zero. ZERO. Dopo 20 anni di lavoro e di investimenti azzeccati sto pensando di ritirarmi definitivamente.

  24. Tattoo on my arm saying "Are you living in the real world?"

  25. I'm moving out. 'M lucky to have the job I love, so I'm pushing it to start dancing again after a hyatus of 4 months. I made new friends. I want to start working out again. It got better.

  26. Hmmm, trees with bases? Suspiciously entish if you ask me, lol. Simple but great board!

  27. Weird pose that seems realistic and somehow comfortable. I really love the line, and the palette. Bravo.

  28. 🎶 I'm in the staking bar, I got debts, I'm a debaser...🎶

  29. With the holograms beside me, I'll dance alone tonight

  30. In a mirrored world are you beside me? All my life...

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