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Guess domestic terrorism counts as slow news.

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Israel will not launch a criminal investigation into the killing of US-Palestinian journalist

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Bob Cousy on JJ Redicks comments about playing against firemen and plumbers - "People with less talent will always try to make a name for themselves" and goes on to say "A few of the firemen and plumbers I played with and against, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain I guess he must've fought fires"

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  1. Dang how many brewers do you have? I see aeropress, v60 (2 sizes?) and a chemex. Also why would you use on over the other? just curious

  2. Ya it's stupid we need social media hype and Kickstarter/indiegogo model to launch anything in the coffee world.

  3. how else would you do it? Like I'm genuinely asking.

  4. Pay for it yourself or loan. 99% of the shit on Kickstarter/indiegogo is pandering trash and it even states on the ToS of both those sites that products or perks isn't guaranteed even if the project is funded.

  5. I agree that the majority of kickstarters are vaporware and naive inventors getting biting off more that they can chew. I think a loan is tough with something needs such a long runway but it's definitely the traditional route. I think kickstarter is a good way of gauging interest and getting feedback, but you do run the risk of getting overhyped and expectations being set too high.

  6. Good gawd this is a bad take. This sub has just devolved into a lib bashing circle jerk

  7. Let us have this. There aren't many subs around you can bash libs from the left in circlejerk fashion.

  8. Don't get me, I love a good lib bashing as much as the next guy and I'm not above oversimplification or hyperbole, but this is just a really bad take.

  9. Polygon made a pretty good video about walking cycles if you're interested

  10. These phones look pretty new. Some people just have the urge to buy the newest shiniest thing.

  11. But if they closed the loop, the little piece of metal in the center would fall off.

  12. Yeah I'm interested enough to watch a sub 10min video, but not interested enough to watch a 20+ min video

  13. Who buys an umbrella bike anyway? You can get them for free at the coffee shop in those metal cans dutch festivals.

  14. It's crazy how casual we are about 2 tons of metal, glass, and plastic moving at 45 mph. "let me just reach over and grab these fries that I dropped, good luck everyone else"

  15. The goal isn't to get to zero cars, it's to make car ownership more of a choice and less of a necessity. I don't think it's not that people don't want density or sustainability, I think those are just some very macro and upstream issues and people only notice the down stream and micro effects.

  16. Like I see what your saying but the slap was literally everywhere. Constantly.

  17. It's hard to make memes about people being murdered like that

  18. I found the exploration of GOT a bit annoying. There were too many map markers and random busy work. It would have been nice if they didn't have the map markers and just had the birds guide you, even if I'm not a huge fan of the bird.

  19. Bob Cousy is super influential and a legend, but he doesn't even compare to a modern player. The Wright Flyer was groundbreaking and historic, but no one is gonna say it's better than even the most generic modern airplane like a Cessna 172.

  20. I only use the traveler armor. The game is too easy otherwise and I don't want to miss any artifacts and have to revisit the area too often. I think the ghost armor looks cooler tho.

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