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  1. Not sure why you were downvoted. There is a clear difference between AliExpress bands and Apple’s. I have several of both types and you can tell very easily one is “cheaper” than the other.

  2. I personally see zero difference. It's all silicone

  3. Title is kinda sus OP 😳😳😵‍💫😵‍💫😓😓

  4. Best tip I can give you mate don’t post your swing on Reddit it’ll overflow your mind with stuff and mess with your confidence for no reason. Your swing looks just fine. Play that fade and work on your short game you’ll be aight

  5. Bold of you to assume I had any confidence with my swing to begin with !

  6. Look for ‘The Ball Flight Laws.’ To hit a draw, try squaring up your aim so that your aiming at 12:00 on a clock, then swing to 1:00.

  7. I had the same problem, posted here:

  8. Whats your opinion on a wilson clash 100 v1? Worth it or save for the pure aero?

  9. I personally hated the clash series. I would strongly recommend buying a used pure aero. Even the ones pre 2012.

  10. Man you're on another level. How long have you been spinning?

  11. Nice serves, nice spin. Your shoulder/rotator cuff injury may or may not be related to your serve action. There is a lot of youtube on healing shoulder injuries. I hang from gymnastics rings in my back yard and do all sorts of swimming motions with my arms.

  12. I get the pain only when I serve. It happens very consistently too. It almost feels like my shoulder is being bent backwards. I'll definitely look into those stretch exercise

  13. Found a number from my city to call and get him towed. Thank you. He's about to get fucked I'm not even giving him a warning.

  14. This happened twice to my best friend. He moved here in August 2019. Once happened in August 2020, and again in September 2020. He was miserable for days after the second one because it was the one time he left his backpack with his brand new laptop in the back seat. Literally that’s all it takes - once.

  15. He didn't leave anything in the car during the first time?

  16. Nope. There was like two dollars in coins which the thieves took and that’s all.

  17. Damn. That sucks man. It's wild out there huh

  18. Unfortunately, it's part of the Android experience. There will always be some apps that perform poorly.

  19. are you mostly talking about rec players trying to replicate rafa's helicopter forehand?

  20. That's the only way I can hit a top spin heavy ball 😢

  21. Just gotta do the same shot but follow through over the ball and rotate both shoulders with hips while moving weight from back leg to front leg. Lead the shoulder rotation with your opposite hand/arm, and also bring that opposite arm back far on the backswing.

  22. Will keep that in mind. Thanks !!

  23. Nah I bought the s22 ultra (returned it but thats another story) and my setup was the same exact way when i transferred the data from the iPhone to the ultra. All the apps, pictures, files were there and even the same exact apps/widgets on the Home Screen in the same exact spots lol

  24. I don't think in-app data like app preferences and game save data transfers over. Those have to be done manually

  25. Maybe if you formed an actual sentence more people would help. But to answer your question, I don't think its a "Reel" per se but a video post in the format of a Reel

  26. Same. I got cancer from reading this post.

  27. From Android to Android the switch is as simple as entering your G mail account. At that point everything transfers and syncs. I've never found it to be a hassle.

  28. I remember things like game data and app settings do not transfer over on Android ?

  29. Serious question. What do people use tablets for? Adults not kids. My kids use iPads. I like Android but I've got a nice big phone. I've had tablets but they never work for me. I never have a use for them, I seem to like the idea but I'm not lugging it around. My phone can stay with me all day.

  30. Study, notes, drafts, photo editing - all of which require S pen or apple pencil.

  31. What do you use now? Do you just use the stock home launcher ?

  32. I posted reels everyday for months before i got to where i am today. Bad engagement for pretty much all of them. This month i gained 25k. But it took alot of work to grt there and dedication. Consistently posting was what got me there

  33. How do you grow your followers and engagement? Do you have to continuously engage other accounts too?

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