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  1. Sounds like you are being overall too sensitive. This pretty normal for a new person in their new role. They are trying not to mess up and maybe a little more stressed about it. This isn’t your first manager that will be like this. You need to just go with the flow and give as much information as you can to help that manager understand. It may not be necessary in your eyes cause he will never need to be the sme. But it will build a good relationship and give your current manager the confidence they you are good at what you do. So they will give you room and more freedom. This is super normal for any new boss or even team member. Just ride with it man and build a good standing with this boss. It will pay off in future. Most likely a few months to a year and the boss will lay off the gas.

  2. I would complain to HR. This is straight up harrassment/bullying. If nothing changes you should quit.

  3. These people are just trying to get to work

  4. People should just protest in the bedroom, right? Stupid ass. It's a protest. It's not supposed to be convenient.

  5. Not even being an asshole here but what did this dude do for those cops to do that. I feel like that was personal for someone

  6. From what I heard there were no outstanding warrants at the time of the beating.

  7. I’m kinda glad I couldn’t really tell what was going on, but what I could see. That punch to his head twice from street view was what made me sad.

  8. Man they kicked him in the head three times while he was down. Then with 2 of them holding his hands the other dude repeatedly punched him in the face. This was after he was tazed and pepper sprayed. It's like they were trying to kill him.

  9. There's no riot. Why have riot gear on? Are they planning to start it?

  10. For those that don't want to watch, here's what the videos show.

  11. This really looks like the cops had a vendetta out. I heard a rumor that Tyre was dating an ex of one of the cops. They found no warrants or anything for him.

  12. Which is it? Do you want police to be held accountable or not? They actually seem to be doing so, AFTER Taylor’s murder — and we’re still making ridiculous narratives.

  13. problem is, every kid that gets hooked on code dreams of writing games. It's easy to underpay, and when they get burnt out, toss them aside and get new ones.

  14. Starting or being involved in too many arguments. Some guys just want to make everyone miserable.

  15. Do your best to meet the requirements of the task with the knowledge you have and based on the code.

  16. Rick and Morty was great until 2 or so years ago. It went to shit as soon as it got popular. The themes just got boring and they ran out of ideas.

  17. Most Indians aren’t Asian, they did dna studies of the entire Indian subcontinent and proved it. Unless you are from east india, you don’t have any Asian dna. IE what we think of as Chinese Thai Japanese etc

  18. Indulge me here. In what way has the senior provided any sort of guidance or advice?

  19. Doesn't matter. Waiting on a PR approval is a legitimate reason to be blocked on a task.

  20. Shit. She saved each Walton a whole 1c. Bravo. Hope it was worth it.

  21. Did you mean sigma? Sigma = standard deviation and is used to create confidence intervals. In this bell curve, there is a 68% chance that a recession happens within the highlighted range

  22. We shouldn’t be giving H1B visas anyway. There is plenty of talent in the US. Use it. These corporations need to begin acting in a manner that benefits the US, and it’s citizens, not their bottom line.

  23. This. I know plenty of American CS masters students who can't find even an internship. I know h1b workers who aren't any more skilled than all their co-workers. How is a frontend Angular developer a hard to find skill in the US? It's quite clear that most companies are abusing h1b visa to lower wages.

  24. I'm sorry but this whole genre of post is cope. The FAANG people who got laid off are getting everyone else's salary as severance, and will inevitably get hired back to a similarly tiered company when things cool down in 18 months. The only real reason not to want to work at one is not being able to get hired at one.

  25. There are people out there who don't want to work 60hr/wk. Hard to believe, I know.

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