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  1. Guy didnt know what Decel meant, did you expect them to program the FMS correctly lol

  2. You don't have to be rude. Answer his questions and help him if know or be quiet and don't post anything. Show some respect

  3. log in and out of your xbox account or restart xbox

  4. Still not working it may is a server issue like you said. I will try later it may be fixed. Thank you for responding my friend

  5. This sim was made to both allow incredibly detailed simming, and more casual flying around. Only one of those is technically feasible on an Xbox at this level of detail. If you really want to go all in you’ll need more than even just a decent PC to do it anyway. Many of these peripherals aren’t even available for Xbox and some never will be.

  6. I love it on Xbox and I bought my Xbox just to play this game. I only want this game to be much better and improve. Msfs only focuses on the market place there are too many bugs and issues in the game that need to be fixed but they do not bother to fix them. It is so annoying

  7. Would you prefer not having it on xbox at all? Since that has been a case before. MSFS is the first proper flight sim ever released on a console. Nobody assumed it would be 100% same.

  8. The range of the A319 is 3750 nm make sure your flight plan is cover the range of the aircraft you choose. Maybe your flight plan does not cover the range of A 319. Try a short flight like one hour flight and see if it works or not.

  9. Thank you I fixed it i had to complete a flight where it would only let me fly which was in the uk I did that now I can fly in America thank you

  10. Sorry for my ignorance, but I just want to know what stream overlay is.

  11. No worries. Is tools for YouTube or Twitch stream. Never mind is not that important anyway thanks for responding

  12. Everyone did lol. I already find this old in 20min cause this is the 120md post on thi matter(am actually counting)

  13. everyone can post here whatever they like. Keep counting 👍

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