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  1. There goes my very brief hope of retired Indycar veteran Jimmie Johnson trying out NASCAR

  2. Nah that guy would never succeed in nascar

  3. In retaliation, the NCAA headquarters were bombed by F15s

  4. I’d guess Algeria. He was Hendrick’s reserve driver so HMS might offer him as a consolation for taking their driver

  5. Pitt is getting one very soon, they’re building a stadium to open in the next few years

  6. Pitt football has always been alive and kicking. We were one of the early football powerhouses (alongside Washington and Jefferson, amazingly)

  7. Wow, with the speed this guy’s reporting, I wonder when he’ll find out about this virus in China

  8. I think the score will be 7-4 with no touchdowns scored whatsoever

  9. Sure, pedestrians do technically have the right of way, but who would win in a battle of car vs. person?

  10. He would go on to be mildly successful at Mercedes

  11. I could see RBNJ and NYCFC doing the same thing at MetLife Stadium and jointly trying to beat Charlotte’s attendance record

  12. Danica Patrick kind of shot her own legacy in the foot though, or someone in her management team did it for her. Could have stayed in Indy Car and continued to put in good performances, but decided to jump to stock cars. That's fine, but they moved her to the cup series way too quickly and she just wasn't prepared for it, and the results showed. Another season in the second series definitely would have been a good choice, she was showing signs of improvement, but she had not even run a full season yet.

  13. To be fair, the move was almost entirely money-driven, and this was when IndyCar was still in a huge slump and NASCAR was still riding its high

  14. That’s why I’m a bigger rugby fan now. Helps that they have been really clamping down on the amount of time spent fucking around on a scrum.

  15. Don’t like scrums? Watch rugby league. The scrum is effectively useless, plus the game has a remarkably similar feel to football

  16. I prefer union due to the number of players.

  17. NRL is really good. I feel like that and Super League are the top two competitions, but I don’t know how they fare against each other

  18. My son plays D3 and his game lasted about 2 hours. Idk why bout it still always shocks me how quickly the games are over

  19. I think it’s because you’re used to TD-commercial-PAT-commercial-kickoff-commercial, so when that entire sequence takes 90 seconds, it feels a bit shocking

  20. Closer to a coast than Louisville. And if Erie is a coast, then we probably beat a few other teams too.

  21. Not Notre Dame in anything but football

  22. Hey mark this as a spoiler! I’m still on season 8 of this show and I don’t want to know how it ends

  23. I say this as a baseball fan, I couldn’t give less of a shit about Aaron Judge. The star player on the team I despise the most is having a career year. I don’t want to hear about that

  24. In what world would they fly out of LAX? That’s over 4 hours away by driving. They’d fly in and out of LAS, which is literally within view of the circuit

  25. I remember reading somewhere going into this season that there was a deliberate loophole that any rookie driver would not have to give up his seat for another rookie

  26. I like the idea that even top-tier NHL players can’t afford an NFL suite for a game

  27. Detroit is by far the biggest population in Michigan and they’d be stupid to not have the Panthers play there. Sure there isn’t a good-sized stadium in the market, but the market size really outweighs that. If I were to guess, they’d probably play at Ford Field, just selling the lower bowl

  28. Hinch had a broadcast role for Champ Car back in the day

  29. What is a team if not the sum of all its parts? A stadium name can become part of the lore of the team, like the Packers' Lambeau Field or Liverpool's Anfield. Three Rivers Stadium was synonymous with the Steelers for 30 years, and I would've hated seeing the name just disappear one day if I'd been a Steelers fan back then. I hate this fucking corporate takeover of stadiums we've been seeing for quite a while now, and yes, I know that includes Heinz. Names like Lambeau and Three Rivers actually represents the team or city's history. Arena however, represents the sterility and lifelessness of corporate greed and nothing else.

  30. Where the hell is Arena?

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