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  1. yeah doctors can still be paid to save lives, we don’t need to make millionaires of managers of hospitals due to milking people for every nickel and dime.

  2. The reality is most of the actual caregivers don't charge outrageous amounts, it's simply all the leeches in the middle that raise the price.

  3. It’s not just tech companies. All industries are suffering from layoffs or hiring freezes. Funny enough the narrative is the opposite, that everything is honked dory.

  4. It's going to get real in Q1 2023 , my company just informed us to expect a 10% reduction in headcount come January.

  5. I worked in a mental health facility. A lot of people have a misconception of what happens there. They will say a person needs to be locked up and given help. They don’t realize that the majority of people are out of there within a few days and really don’t receive any help. The best is when they do a med wash and med change but boot the person out in three days.

  6. This is the fundamental challenge with mental health , without regular medical supervision and medicine compliance , as well as psychiatric help , nothing changes.

  7. The answer I think is do you want the main thing of your watch to be a fitness watch (go Garmin) or a smart watch (go Apple) .

  8. I think there’s always going to be in interest in crypto. Many people want to have a currency that isn’t regulated or controlled by any government. Of course the flip side of that as that we see things like pump and dump schemes and many businesses popping up around the concept committing blatant fraud.

  9. I used to believe in the notion of a non governmental currency , but BTC failed as a medium of exchange and it's really only. speculative commodity today.

  10. Almost like there was a GPU mining boom, that has since bust......

  11. You know after the 1850 California gold rush , pick axes and sieve pans were cheap and plentiful

  12. Best advice I got is to tell people you're quitting to become a financial advisor, they don't have to know that you are your only client.

  13. Agree, don't talk fire with wage slaves, because it will just infuriate them can tell them your starting a new xyz consulting or some other nebulous work....

  14. I would argue that there is a binary difference amongst auto manufacturers: they either have a top-to-bottom continual improvement mindset, or they don't. I do not think Ford has it.

  15. Most major mainstream auto manufacturers today have fairly reliable vehicles, in a way all thanks to Toyota and other Japanese manufacturing from the 80s .

  16. They are talking about credit card balances. Feast your eyes on this:

  17. Don't worry the Fed will bail out the common man, we're just too big to fail /s

  18. Being able to index income inequality doesn't magically make it a relevant statistic for anything other than academic purposes.

  19. That's not totally true, if the wealthy can buy more automation, buy real estate, and most importantly BUY POlicy, they can most certainly impact my ability to generate my own wealth, because then they have pricing power , that's what inflation is to some degree , pricing power , means you have limited or no choice , which means your wealth is constrained and theirs less so.

  20. Their rule isn't fragile, its built on an authoritarian theocracy, because of the oil/has jackpot , they can elevate their country .... Places like middle east are all very tribal even before oil money .

  21. I struggled a lot with that in my first jobs. Let's be honest, the two typical reasons why such migrations tend to be painful are:

  22. PHP upgrades might be painful, but trust me its way way more backwards compatible friendly than some other languages.

  23. Totally agree, the market in the past two years went up unrealistically over 20% in many markets , so now it's time to adjust..

  24. This is a really unappreciated and under-discussed point regarding the US health care system.

  25. ...and why it won't change, too many capitalistic mouths to feed in the US healthcare system.. it's simply too profitable too to many

  26. Rethinking for now cause they're desperate, wait till we're in a recession, then it's back to who has the fanciest degree

  27. Not sure,companies will prefer someone who is very skilled talented at a particular job they can be productive quickly, with minimal training... Technical skill (say programming or finance) and eschew the degree , rather than someone who has very fancy credentials but sucks technically

  28. Lol yeah... basically everyone already owns perfectly fine TVs purchased in the last 5 years

  29. 8 years ago, just add a Roku to any TV and instant smart TV ...

  30. All of our "jobs" have been eliminated dozens of times over the past 250 years. Just agriculture alone, we as a world went from 80+% agrarian in 1850 to 2% farmers today.

  31. That's a false assumption, it sounds good on the surface, but if you dig a little you'll see all corporations replace employees when the technology allows them to.

  32. Complete and utter's why it can't happen again.

  33. Ukraine be in NATO the moment the Crimea incident was over. Ideally before that. We should have had NATO (including American) boots in Ukraine at the first hint of Russian aggression.

  34. Russia would have started this war the minute NATO seriously would begin to consider Ukraine's membership...

  35. Pretty much this, the reason most folks won't go electric is the initial cost, and if you do the math, it usually takes 5-9 years to break even with the equivalent gas car (based on typical fuel consumption) so it just makes more economic sense to buy an ICe car.

  36. I’m anti health insurance being tied to your employment. It gives big advantage to corporations over people with families. Government option should have been passed, but hey we got health insurance exchanges.

  37. Healthcare is only one part of it, there's a shit ton of insecurities in the modern work place. Employment landscape (at least here in the US) favors the employer .

  38. It's interesting to hear how things have devolved at Amazon. I've done picking and packing gigs there over the Christmas period about 10 years ago and it wasn't awful. Hard work but nothing too crazy. They would track how many items you picked/packed in an hour but that was about it. It sounds much worse there these days.

  39. This is the issue with all these data-driven metrics companies, they take the humanity out of work , and expect people to perform like machines and try to measure them such.... I get everyone wants to get it yesterday, but they Amazon supply chain is pretty efficient , I can wait a week or two for delivery...

  40. I'm confused about crypto , I thought coins like BTC were /are kept in private wallets held by their owners and these exchanges would only facilitate the buying/selling of these tokens .. what am I missing ? Why would anyone lose money if the exchanges became insolvent?

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