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  1. Yeah but I think he’s a yank so was trying to be specific

  2. There’s a setting in the menu for that but it does absolutely nothing. I spammed it a few times and waited a bit and went and did something to see if it would load when I got back. My settings are all messed up which is annoying, try to play on PS5 and the aiming feels so heavy and assisted. The aim assist is so high and there’s loads of settings which don’t have a description of what they do either. I hate that in these modern games anyway it makes controls and sensitivity way too hard to set up miss when shooters just had a basic sensitivity setting on console.

  3. I mean did u merge accounts before it changed to ow2? I think u had to do it beforehand :(

  4. I didn’t have an account on the battle net thing it made me sign up for it and make a username even though I’d played OW1 without any of that. I hope they fix it and allow things to transfer as I had to play 5 games in the any role mode before unlocking the role specific option and that was hard to unlock because I got through 3/4 of a game and then was threw into another game on another map instantly. It just switches lobbies mid game at times. The aiming feels so bad I turned off aim assist and all those settings and just put sensitivity around 60/70 and it felt better albeit a bit too quick. The basic settings feel like it locks onto an enemy but you can’t track them when they move or jump which they do a lot or can’t swap to another enemy, it’s one of the most frustrating control and aiming schemes I’ve came across. BF2042 is similar when I played the trial, the aiming is slow and very assist heavy. Why can’t we just go back to the old shooters where you picked a general sensitivity setting and could tweak aim assist a little. I hate that you need full guides and lots of tweaking just to feel comfortable in a game. It’s trying to give more control over things but ironically it messes things up more

  5. All are terrible but I hope the best one wins

  6. Gikiewicz would be nice to get a GK card and someone from Augsburg rather than the usual clubs that are picked. Also for his insane performances away to Bremen and Home to Bayern. But it being a vote it’ll probably be a flashy big name forward. I don’t agree with these being fan votes it makes it somewhat unfair as people only interested in the FIFA potential rather than the merit. One upside is that with the whole “lengthy” meta we might see taller, slower players that wouldn’t normally get picked rather than just the fastest players

  7. Would rather save my silvers for marquee matchups tomorrow tbh, would advise people to do the same.

  8. If you do BPM and upgrades this should be easy to complete or just use players from clubs outside top 5 leagues

  9. Last week the silver was also able to be packed in the bronze packs. I packed him 3 times doing bpm

  10. Opened less than 20 bronze packs and got Rios already lol. 3 bronze base TOTWs this week

  11. I compare literally every player. You’d be surprised the random players that price goes up cause of futbin solutions and stuff. But I list the ones that may not sell for the odd chance they do just because I won’t be making a profit. I might just store in club for now to free up transfer space and start fresh. I’m hoping league SBCs come out soon.

  12. Depends on whether I’m opening packs and selling items (mostly on the companion when watching TV) or if I’m just spamming a load of packs to sell later. I went through a great deal of cards one night comparing prices when I was on the game late just to see and honestly most players I compared from some positions had lots listed with little difference in the timings indicating their was loads even going to second page on some it was still like 3/4 mins left. I still made profit just selling the positions I said as well as checking the recent kits and managers (Brazilian and South Korean managers sell). Then I use the companion to spam bronze upgrades for silvers to do some segments or to use in silver beasts, did some silver upgrades and then the 78+s. I don’t have the self control to keep players stored in my club for so long haha and I’m not too worried about coins when I’ve a decent team and don’t play loads of online games

  13. I just left it to look for another club lol. There’s not even many clubs with lots of players in the British isles yet. Normally I try to get one with a good number of players for a better chance of getting a game when I want to play also the big squad games are more interesting than playing with a few people. Was in a team last year with some randoms but I don’t think they’ve moved over to 23 yet

  14. That’ll help towards the Mbappe Monaco moments section at least

  15. Typical post release fodder bait SBC. You will do this SBC 10 times and get 5 Zapata and 5 Ricardo Pereira

  16. Dupe Untradeable Jesus Navas fml. Went and put some low rated golds and Navas in the 78+ and got 83 Schmeichel so shows how bad the 82+ was lol

  17. IF Giroud, the card looks atrocious. I packed it untradable and it’s honestly a beast in game! 47 pace feels like 85… no long field breakaways but great lunge speed to break the line and shoot a banger!

  18. Got him untradeable in the same pack as Messi from marquee matchups. I’ve base Zlatan who I prefer the slight pace advantage on Zlatan. I found Girouds movement to be poor. Great shooting but I found his positioning to be worse than Zlatan. This is only messing around in squad battles though, I was doing the Dest objective so had 3 Serie A and 3 La liga but just used Zlatan to start with. The additional subs means I just try out random players which is more interesting

  19. I mean people say “don’t be sheep, play how you want” but every year there’s meta tactics and teams. People use the same OP players year after year just because it gives them an advantage kinda funny seeing people complain about the sheep mentality

  20. Buy the packs for 3 and 64 stars. After that either save them for the next round or get Draft tokens.

  21. Personally I wouldn’t buy the pick as it’s only a 81-83 isn’t it and it’s a lot of stars. Buy the pack before that at 40 and then the ones at 20. Don’t buy the contract packs, any with lots of players im seems fine. Don’t know if they’ll add more this season to it or it just refreshes next season

  22. I just spammed the right analogue stick in circle patterns then it eventually worked. Some of these moments are tricky because they don’t register properly or the movements or button prompts don’t work

  23. Wait till you get to the 3rd stage of Mbappe. Some of them are hard if you choose to do on the highest difficult professional. You get a very small time limit to do things and some don’t really register properly which doesn’t help either. I’ve done the weekly, basics, a few of the ones at difficult and a few Klopp. They could introduce some really hard challenges the worst thing is the timings.

  24. Might be a biased take from my leftie echo chamber but overall I always have the impression that Germans have a comparable favourable view of the people of Iran, at least for a Western country. Maybe all the way back to the big protests against the Schah.

  25. Didn’t the Iranian fans do the Nazi salute during the German national anthem in a game years ago? Not sure what that was about but I remember that in an old match, was that a “joke” to them or something or were they mocking Germany or supporting them I can’t tell.

  26. I’ve grinded all the 50k and 100k packs in milestones and sbc’s and had 0 walkouts. Getting 0 luck this year

  27. I got Messi in one of the Marquee Matchups segments after the midnight release. I’d 2 segments done on the companion already and hoped on to buy a few players. Opened the 100k pack for buying the players and scoring in squad battles last night and got like an 82/83 at best I think

  28. Yeah but the “better” packs I’ve opened like the objective to buy and score and assist with players got me nothing of note. The Marquee Matchups final pack gave nothing. I think it was the top row one on the right that got me messi (Sevilla vs Atletico- Electrum players pack)

  29. I mean i can tell you for a fact alot arabs hate their governments as much as the west so

  30. Fair. I feel like a lot of people hate the west for being the west and I suppose Russia for their past

  31. Or maybe they're highlighting the very legitimate point that the west is failing because of how they treat the Palestine situation and the hypocrisy and dishonesty present. It's really difficult to talk about Palestine without also.talking about the influence of the west on the situation, and its weird you'd expect that.

  32. Middle East and Arab countries don’t do anything then they get on about the west doing nothing. Can they not sort their area out on their own. Saudi Arabia doing trade and became friendly with Israel why aren’t people calling them out. As for Europe “only caring about ukraine” the situation is closer to home and can impact Europe maybe that’s why its “taken more seriously”.

  33. Been playing a bit of Volta on 23 in between some squad battles, moments and bit of pro clubs drop ins. It’s an alright mode but what’s the point, I’ve got my guy to 90 already and just playing the battles, I’ve played arcade and squads too. I was hoping there’d be more pro clubs customisation but there’s no much it’s tattoos, hair styles and few other things. The credits seem pretty useless unless you want to unlock all the items in Volta store, the team doesn’t upgrade (not that it has to as everyone feels the same anyway considering it’s such a small pitch to play on). There doesn’t seem like any real progression or point once you level the character. What are the rewards from these battles anyway, I see there is milestones to reach

  34. For a plain white kit too. Not like it’s some fancy design and colourful kit lol. Even if you’ve duplicate fodder there’s the POTM SBCs that give packs back and eventually a high rated player

  35. No. The game you downloaded is the full game just after release the time limit is gone. I hoped on to play last night at midnight and was able to play on PS5 fine. There might be updates like all games eventually but at the moment nothing else to download

  36. Nice I’ve been using companion app to do some BPM and did few segments of Marquee Matchups with fodder I had. Just hoped onto the game and finished off last 2 segments got IF Giroud and Messi in same pack, didn’t even realise messi was there as I just seen Giroud at first lol.

  37. Yeah exactly. I've played maybe 20 games and bar 2 or 3, everyone's played seriously. I suspect that'll stop tomorrow 😅

  38. And the xp actually works after the games (so far). Played a bit on 22 but after many games I wouldn’t get any xp so no progression or levelling, no more points, upgrades etc. Also the weekly skill games is kinda cool but very easy to do and then you have to wait a week

  39. I heard that squad battles were meant to be 3 minutes a half now but mines are still 6. Is there a setting to change or did ea revert it back to 6 minutes a half?

  40. Perhaps they’ve set this up before release so people can’t just spam squad battles easily and get higher rewards with shorter halves. They’ve made the companion and web app max transfer list listings at 30 per time, I know you can just list 30 and then relist all expired items to get more.

  41. I assume first Faroe Islands TOTW, special card?

  42. He’ll get another 20 so that’s why they have to go easy on the pace upgrades /s

  43. Yeah he played like 8 mins at CF apparently after coming on late in the game but this way way back In his early years at Dortmund

  44. yes . i can relist but i cant add more players from the webapp even ifi have space .

  45. Yes that’s a bug on the web app and companion. Guess you just have to wait till they expire and list 30 items and relist all expired items to optimise space or use the game to list more players

  46. Kvaradona destroying Europe's strongest side like is nothing.

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