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Megathread: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

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  1. The law banning the sale of non EV cars in many areas in the planet from 2030 something onwards, thankfully my country doesn't care enough about EVs to make such law yet.

  2. Typically those laws ban internal combustion cars; they don't specify that you must buy a battery EV specifically. If other types of EVs (like hydrogen as you mentioned) are viable by then you would be free to buy them as well.

  3. EVs get preferential treatment at government level which causes the main companies to focus on that technology which in turn makes it the only (and incredibly dull) option. I'll just enjoy my gas engines as long as possible

  4. what is even the point in betting on a random role player scoring 10 points? how is that fun?

  5. Prior to the year Jokic won there was 1 MVP on the 6th seed.

  6. You think there was a wide gap to Embiid last year when Jokic won on the 6th seed?!

  7. we know why Jokic’s team was the 6th seed last year, because his team was terrible. The fact that they were that high was a testament to how good Jokic was.


  9. the only time faceid regularly doesn’t work for me is if i have my head buried in a pillow in bed. that is the only time i wish i still had touchid.

  10. Massive for destroying the chemistry when he punches Luka or another teammate

  11. easier than trading a guy like Westbrook which has happened literally every year since 19-20.

  12. but then he also has to stay in DC rather than compete which he has stated multiple times he wants to do. It all depends just how much he wants to win and how good or bad the wizards are.

  13. One nice benefit of this style is the ability to sear/brown on the stovetop, before moving to slow-cook. I prefer a crock pot for east weekday meals, versus the oven.

  14. Can you put your instant pot insert on a burner? I get that you can sear with the insert in the device, but this Dutch oven approach lets you take the device out and wear at a higher temp and with a more shallow cooking bowl.

  15. The last of us would've been god tier with one extra ep. Whole season was immaculate but eps 8 and 9 felt rushed as fuck and could've easily thrived off another 60 minutes breathing room split both ways.

  16. and like 2 of the episodes were all backstory having nothing to do with the main plot.

  17. What all backstory episodes had nothing to do with the main plot?? I must have watched a different show.

  18. Bill and Frank and the Mall episodes. Both were extreme extrapolations from the game at the expense of the main plot development. Also Kathleen as the other person mentioned.

  19. I suppose approval rating is a different question than who they would vote for. Many that approve of Trump might still break off and vote Desantis if they think he has a better shot.

  20. exactly. these people would probably “approve” both trump and desantis. it’s not an either/or question.

  21. This cake also uses dutch-process cocoa or black cocoa, which are darker and has a different flavor than standard cocoa. Black cocoa has been through the dutch process multiple times, and that's the kind of cocoa that they use in Oreos and like ice cream sandwich cookies, to give you an idea of what the flavor difference is like. 😊

  22. Although I understand his frustration he thought he had a valuable asset in the Whitehouse for another term.

  23. the quote above said "net operating costs" are higher without paint, so presumably fuel savings have been taken into account.

  24. That starts too late too. It should be t=0 or so. The whole interview is great.

  25. isnt this why teams pay security guys full-time salaries? he shouldnt have been allowed near the heckler and now put in a frivolous situation

  26. i mean he only flipped his hat, supposedly. security might have intervened before it escalated further.

  27. Why would you even need a web browser on a server? Or any gui for that matter

  28. lots and lots and lots of enterprise applications run on GUIs, including web GUI. the IT world is not even close to 100% command line.

  29. except they aren’t tired of it, they love this shit. anti gun legislation is their biggest rally cry agains the libs.

  30. assorted danishes. personally not a fan of Costco bagels.

  31. I’m with you on the bagels, but those almond danish are really good, thanks for suggesting.

  32. yep the almond danish might be the best thing Costco sells.

  33. I first used sab in 2016, switched to nzbget around 2018, now i guess i will move back to Sab haha... I have been migrating the stuck Nzbget queue to Sab by re-pulling through my apps, guess Sab will be back as my primary until I can find a stable Nzbget branch. Thanks for the tip.

  34. why so much effort to stick with nzbget? sab works great.

  35. I have this problem pretty regularly. Deleting the download queue and reloading nzbget(soft restart) will get a fresh queue working again. Try that and hopefully someone more knowledgeable will chime in with how to keep it from happening.

  36. man... that would be annoying. been using sabnzbd for years with basically zero issues.

  37. I feel this could also be a generational thing too as a baby boomer.

  38. yes. my parents and aunts and uncles all have bigass pantries and 2+ freezers absolutely PACKED with shit they will never ever use. don't even want to know how much they pay to keep those freezers running.

  39. This is how Uber got so big. They were operating at a huge loss for a long time.

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