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  1. Larry doesn’t do a lot with us. Unless I missed something, it’s not like there’s bad blood, there just doesn’t seem to be that passion from him for the Celtics now.

  2. isn’t he still involved with the pacers front office?

  3. and the list of wizards rejects making the finals with the warriors grows.

  4. that doesn’t even remotely address the question you replied to.

  5. Was there a hostage situation here? It's possible, but if so it would have been reported, right?

  6. not exactly a hostage situation when the suspect is actively shooting dozens of children.

  7. Have you heard of mini-itx cases?

  8. Right.. so then wouldn’t you agree that he doesn’t really have leverage? I’m just not seeing a situation in which he can just walk unless he’s going to go take a minimum contract for some reason

  9. also, “school shootings are a statistical anomaly, not something worth worrying about. Look at how many people die in car crashes! are you gonna ban cars too???”

  10. KCP is more valuable to this team than our fan base gives him credit for. He's a championship proven 3 and D player.

  11. he’s more valuable to a contending team than he is to the wizards. we should trade him for assets and let the young guns take his minutes.

  12. That is not true at all. An S&T is about getting what you can for a player; a trade is what the market price for that player is because you have long term control over the player

  13. trades are all about leverage. if we s&t beal before he asks/demands to be traded the other team does not have leverage over us, like with lowry-miami for example. especially if we deal with another team who is desperate for a 3rd piece, like the teams you mentioned at the top.

  14. Lol, I'm not sure if you're reading what you are writing or don't understand the concept of leverage.

  15. ok bro. what exactly do you think will happen if they try to short us? Beal ain’t goin to Detroit for nothing.

  16. they could also send a replacement drawer. it’s not like the whole thing was unusable.

  17. It's not necessarily the markup, as much as it might not make sense to pay return shipping for an item that they wouldn't be able to resell anyways.

  18. but that loss if probably built into the price in the first place. or at least it will be in the future.

  19. You may want to stay away from nonstick for searing. They're not made to handle the high temps that are necessary. Looks good tho.

  20. if you interpret it in the relative major key it would be IV-V-vi, so like a continual deceptive cadence.

  21. just to get some perspective, how much (maybe in %?) do you guys keep into savings?

  22. Then what happens to those items? I imagine there’s only so much of those things employees can actually use…

  23. i doubt employees get any of them, they’re all probably trashed. there are companies who specialize in destroying product like that.

  24. the main concern here is the “reported uncorrectable” attribute 187/0xbb.

  25. This is amazing info. Especially since Backblaze was one of the companies that used a ton of this specific drive according to the wikipedia article.

  26. 3-5M invested in dividend funds with a 2-3% yield (which is low) is more than enough to live a comfortable life. If you set up accounts ahead of time it's damn near mathmatically impossible to go broke if you have ~$20M (assuming this amount for taxes, agent feeds) and don't live like a complete idiot.

  27. Yeah thats what I mean, those Rolex's increase in value so they would actually make him richer. He could then get a loan against them if he needs cash while they continue to appreciate. He could do this even if his family members wear them but he "owns" them for loan purposes.

  28. i’m guessing most shit they buy doesn’t increase in value like a rolex does.

  29. Somebody explain to me how this trade to Sacramento for Mitchell is even possible?

  30. Even assuming you’re right, if we trade beal it would be to the 20% who he’d be quite valuable to. those are the teams he’d actually want to go to, and we’d get more value from them.

  31. Just never write anyone in any danger so no one "seems to be" in danger so they never escape "logical" deaths. That wouldn't piss people off at all. No one ever in danger, no one ever dies. No one ever escapes obvious death. No surprises. Period.

  32. i don’t know and don’t really care what bill said. My point is you need more top level talent than the wizards have, at least one true #1 guy and beal is not that. Nor do we have any way of acquiring/developing someone like that while beal is here.

  33. How long till Alex Jones calls this one a false flag too? Makes me sick to my stomach

  34. idunno after the lawsuit finally gaining traction maybe he’ll stfu about this one.

  35. They love nesting in it too. This guy just made a bunch of nice beds for them

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