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Will We Recover?

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Ethereum's 99.95 % drop in energy usage will be equal to 15 big nuclear reactors, or 11 000 wind turbines

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Biden’s Economy Has the Best Growth Record Since Clinton

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  1. We aren't there yet. The market still has blind faith it's just a matter of time before it goes up. Once unemployment starts rising and things begin to actually fall apart in the economy we will see it. When people lose their job and start withdrawing crypto to survive it will be the sign.

  2. I have no idea what my gains or losses are. I only look at how many of a given token I have.

  3. 10% of my investment portfolio(retirement, real estate, stocks) is dedicated to crypto.

  4. All these stories about people being in "it" since 2015-2018 and this time it feels different. Maybe of you knew vaguely of crypto back then and had some money on a project but weren't paying attention to the market. But this is the same stuff with the same market action as we saw before. There's just a lot more people talking about it in the public space.

  5. Basically back then we were turning our crypto into real items. Buying things with it instead of storing it. Almost like getting rid of arcade prize tickets or something. People weren't thinking things were going to last. Crypto was dead. Stuff like that.

  6. Anything under 22k is a great buy...until we hit 13k and make me regret buying so much already.

  7. You remember when the reason we got into crypto was privacy and being able to do business with each other without the government being involved?

  8. I have no idea where people expect money to come from to fuel the market. It's gonna be a long while folks.

  9. Markets are forward looking. We are waiting on interest rate hikes to subside. Everything else you mentioned is known. We've known about Europe's gas problems for months. We know winter is going to be bad. It's priced in.

  10. Isn't this also when staked ETH from prior to the merge can begin to be sold?

  11. When you're excited to buy coins others are too which means we won't capitulate like we need.

  12. Will it matter that you bought at $1600 in 5 years? Yes, you will be much richer because you bought so low.

  13. It accomplished everything it was supposed to. I think we see consistent negative price pressure until a few weeks after the upgrade that allows folks to sell staked ETH easier than the current situation.

  14. No reason to expect a turnaround before the Fed pivots on inflation. It's just going to keep coming back to sub 20k and ETH around $1100-1200.

  15. That didn't take as long as I thought it would. I'm sure it still feels like a lifetime to those with no access to their crypto though but glad there is some light at the end of the tunnel.

  16. Edit: I made a comment about the US Treasury filing a motion to intervene, but it seems a sovereign citizen is making filings.

  17. Misspelled Department in "Department of the Treasury" at the bottom.

  18. I haven't seen flights this cheap in nearly a decade. East coast to Auckland $800. East coast to Europe $300. Deals everywhere.

  19. Dollar store laundry detergent is back to pre-inflation sizes. Inflation has peaked.

  20. It is important of this is going to scale as big as many of us hope it will.

  21. Pretty much anyone other than Trump would have accomplished the same.

  22. This seasons reminds me of season 3 when they released the charge rifle. You leave cover for a second and you were getting beamed from all directions from multiple squads. I haven't been pinned down so much since then.

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