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  1. A backpack. It never breaks and you can find them around early or craft it (rope + leather scraps I think).

  2. You don’t need to find a backpack, everyone starts with one.

  3. Thievery 1 let’s you steal up to 5 off the tutorial boat too.

  4. Up to 6, no? If you play a custom character? And the origins get all of their stuff replenished when you recruit them, so you can take more backpacks and scrolls then too.

  5. bro get over it already, its the first battle pass. The fuck are you expecting them to do?? make 1000 skins for her and only her?

  6. Hawnu has gone from “we’re never getting another Mercy skin again” to “the Mercy skin they showed isn’t on the battlepass” to “okay, the Mercy skin is on the battlepass but it’s ugly”. They seem absolutely determined to be a victim.

  7. I'm curious if anyone else can confirm/deny this:

  8. Hmm, in OW1 as Sombra, you would hear the Spanish line that the enemies hear. I played a bit of OW2 Sombra, and I think I’ve been getting the Spanish line, but now I’m not sure. Allies have always heard the English line.

  9. And if I’m trying to protect my team, my shield breaks instantly, and then I have to wait too long for it to come back up

  10. Protect your team by getting in hammer range, not by shielding them.

  11. That’s literally how high-skill Rein players played in OW1. You could block damage for a few seconds to protect someone in a vulnerable moment or escort teammates across a moderate-sized gap, or block key a silo tied, but the main way that he “protected” his team was by forcing the enemy team to either run away or die to his hammer.

  12. As an off tank I would be glad to help you my brother. Too bad I am not allowed to play the game.

  13. I'm happy to see, blizzard did a harder reset than we were expecting. Don't be discouraged; it really is more of a fresh start than we thought. I'm sure they tuned it to consider old ranks, but from what I've read, many are placing much lower.

  14. They did say in the blog post to expect that most players would be a lot lower on their first comp update.

  15. Update: Played the next set of games after placing Gold Div I, went 7-4. Got promoted to Plat 4. Skipped a tier for some reason.

  16. The adjustments aren’t always going to be one division at a time. They just recalculate where you should be after you’ve gotten 7 wins.

  17. Yeah, I know. For me it's normal that ambulances are just a part of public Healthcare. But I think in the US people have to pay for ambulances. What a beautiful country. 😂

  18. Yes, and the cost of the ambulance ride varies with the qualifications of the people staffing the ambulance. Do you get any say in that as the person receiving emergency care? No. But you still have to pay more if they’ve got more fancy certs.

  19. Na she was better in ow1 would I say after 3 hours it’s verry hard to make kills with her but maybe my opinion will change

  20. Really? She can do her 155 damage burst combo again now that shield bash is back to 50 damage. Can’t lock someone in place for it, but if you catch someone without their movement ability, it seems pretty easy to kill a squishy. Plus with the shorter-range movement abilities, you can chase with the really long bash range.

  21. Yep she’s fantastic. My inspire is 15% or so higher (maybe more only played a few).

  22. Oh yeah, it seems pretty easy to casually maintain 45% Inspire uptime now. Fewer shields to block whip shots, and you can proc through some barriers with the bash now.

  23. I wish they hadn’t erased the distinction between offensive and defensive assists. I still wanna know how well I’m doing at helping to actually secure kills.

  24. the difference between “offensive” and “defensive” assists was never really that meaningful anyway. At the very least, I never got anything out of it.

  25. I mean, defensive assists were for kills gotten by people you healed and offensive assists were for kills aided by your damage boost. You could double-dip on assists, which might be why they collapsed them, but I found them to be useful stats.

  26. Yeah I was able to play Overwatch today and went to check the settings but didnt see it either :(

  27. I would be really surprised if they left it in. It’s an entirely different system, and I kinda doubt that it would be feasible to maintain both behind an option. People have compared it to the GA target priority options, but it’s not the same at all. The GA flight works the same way no matter which target priority you have, it just changes how the target selection works. That’s a much simpler decision, I think.

  28. I hope you realize that prop jumps are practically redundant now thanks to directional GA alone, not to mention the new crouch superjump...

  29. You’re thinking about this in terms of what you could achieve with prop jumps and how they impacted Mercy’s gameplay power.

  30. No, not at all. Ball needed his adaptive shields to not grant ult charge in OW1 in order to be able to compete with heroes that had damage-blocking or damage-absorbing abilities. There are fewer of those in the game now, and tanks grant reduced ult charge already, and there’s less HP on a team to farm ult charge from anyway. I think it’s fine.

  31. Mercy has always had a ridiculous waist-to-hip ratio, which is exaggerated by her suit having structured bits that stick out from her hips. She’s also always had a big chest and fairly thick thighs.

  32. This is good, but what I really want is an efficiency rating. A perfect Mercy would spend almost no time yellow beaming a fully healed target-- some will sneak in because of lag or anticipating incoming damage, but almost always yellow beaming someone at full HP is a mistake that should be squashed. Would love to have a way to know how well I'm doing on that front.

  33. I kinda wish it gave the beam time rather than a percentage. Like, I wanna know how much damage I’m boosting for the amount of time I’m spending with the blue beam on. Just because I have the beam attached doesn’t mean it’s doing anything, ya know?

  34. I think they mean the character says it, not the person controlling her

  35. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Some of the voicelines are very demanding-sounding. Doom’s are the worst, IMO, because he’s also rude when you damage-boost him. Like, come on man, I’m already helping you, and you gotta act like that?

  36. That sounds a lil weird my sis. I would not stop healing because how Blizzard designed those characters. I only judge the players controlling them.

  37. I didn’t say that I don’t heal those heroes. I said that I kinda don’t want to because the voiceline sounds rude. I still heal them, but I feel a bit like I’m doing so under protest.

  38. Bruh all my heroes are locked and I didn’t get any founders pack wtf😭

  39. They are having some… issues. My heroes are locked too, which might be due to a pending account merge, I dunno.

  40. Alcohol is a banned perfomance-enhancing drug in shooting sports because it helps steady your aim.

  41. Really? That’s wild, I had no idea! I guess it’s a nervous system depressant, so maybe that’s part of it?

  42. Yes, I think it's mostly because it reduces heart and respiratory rate so it's easier to keep steady aim.

  43. So, what you’re saying is that instead of doing some weird experimental procedure on Widowmaker that made her skin blue, they could have just given her a flask to strap to her leg?

  44. i was upset when they changed it but i really like valk now. i feel like more of an active help for pushes or defense, and i can get to teammates far away. also it’s easier to tell when it’s worth it to valk than it was deciding or not to rez haha but maybe that’s just me

  45. I completely agree with you. Getting a big Rez felt really good, but if I disengaged to Rez, there was always that question of whether it would have been needed if I’d kept healing.

  46. Wait a few more months, and you’ll probably get some form of mass Res available in the PvE progression system.

  47. I mean, look, he was probably going to die eventually anyway.

  48. When I saw the title, I thought you were talking about a completely different way to trivialize most of the Nameless Isle.

  49. Wait I just realized that your name is ChickenCrusade. How fitting!

  50. I'm guessing your Shadowblade and Inquisitor are Finesse and Strength based respectively,

  51. Curse also makes water surfaces/clouds deal damage and sets Decay on targets with no physical armor. The extra tick damage can definitely be helpful, and also Decay would allow the enchanter to contribute physical damage via healing to living enemies.

  52. Are you willing to change up what kind of weapon you’re using? If so, I think the easiest answer would be to change your Shadowblade to an archer, who can then use special arrows to deal magic damage. You could even do a weapon-swap bow/daggers build, which is pretty AP-hungry but fun. (If you’re interested in the weapon-swap option, LMK, and I can give you more details about how I did it.)

  53. Or the pro teams have talked strategy to death beforehand, and only need to know opportunities, because they have played hundreds if not thousands of games together and know who will do what and why.

  54. Right. They’ve invested heavily in building up their synergy so that they can work together effectively at a high tempo without needing a lot of words. Because communicating through actions is much faster and more responsive than with words.

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