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  1. You should come over. My wife is out of town to visit her parents graves.

  2. What industry? Like textiles? The city use to generate textiles. Or shipping? Because SF used to be a major port before it moved to Oakland.

  3. Simple. Change the gravitational constant of the universe.

  4. That begs the question; What’s your opinion about a woman in skates?

  5. Jerry. That man would be a great friend. You just gotta account for a bit of clumsiness.

  6. It's most probably ignorance or fear. Because in India you can get those vaccines for free at government facilities.

  7. I wonder what the standard is for the EMT’s in this video. Can a person under extreme duress reject life saving care? I would like to think the law would protect the first responder, because it’s an inevitable law suit in the US (I imagine) if an EMT didn’t give the shot under these circumstances.

  8. When you are that far into the symptoms, it's unfortunately way too late. When you start showing symptoms at all, it's way too late. But in other settings, I have no idea.

  9. Oh sure, but did the video say the guy rejected it prior to symptoms? I can’t imagine rejecting it at the point the guy in the video is at, but prior to when you feel “fine” I could see.

  10. Ah man, he’s all outta cash?

  11. Fun fact one of the guys he went to space with died two weeks later in a dinky single engine plane crash. Over 1200 of those planes crash ever year in the USA.

  12. It really won’t. It’s gonna be a super wet, flooding year. Even in the summer, depending on the temperatures.

  13. Daniel Day Lewis did a fantastic job playing Barack Obama.

  14. Man. Daniel Day Lewis doesn’t just “become” his characters he truly disappears in them.

  15. Like, the repeated trauma has done permanent damage to your brain so you are “dumber”? Maybe.

  16. amazing acting. where is this child now???

  17. Ron S: “What in god’s name is freegan vegan?”

  18. I love the explanation for the skin tone for each kid. “ and for that one I was on my side.”

  19. I wish I had invested in tech stocks when FoxyMoneyBags was advocating for it. I’d be rich by now.

  20. Cause it would take less than 10 minutes of a movie to bring in the symbiote in a much less forced way then with this whole Sony Venom stuff… I mean they knew Secret Wars was on the upcoming schedule. Why not bring the symbiote in then??

  21. Probably because Sony still had the rights to Spider-Man at the end of the day and if Marvel wants to do the next Spider-Man trilogy with them, it had to happen. Keeps a lot of doors open for Sony without over committing

  22. Yeah, the whole premise is to mock the coddled Americans with first world problems, not the Chinese workers. And the phones are made in China by overworked and underpaid Chinese workers... does OP expect them to have flat non-regional American accents and pull out a violin instead of an erhu?

  23. Farming does have kind of a WSB about it, which is where the following phrase comes from:

  24. FiL always says he was a carpenter to support his farming habit.

  25. You know what they say, Jacky, when your pregnant; one bottle of wine a day and that’s it!

  26. You need to be able to separate an amazing, hilarious sitcom character with the actor who played him. Plus he isn’t really that bad of a person.

  27. I still quote and tell people things I learned from The Cosby Show. He may have turned out to be a POS, but Heathcliff Huxtable and his family did teach me a lot in the mid 80’s to early 90’s.

  28. IIRC, wasn't Dratch supposed to play the Jenna character? I really don't see her in that role. She's super funny, but Jane Krakowski killed it.

  29. Dratch played Jenna in the original pilot. Plays very differently. They reshot her stuff with Krakowski and obviously it played very differently. It’s sad for Dratch, but clearly it was a good call for 30 Rock.

  30. Wow. I just started 30 rock again. I love dratch but it wouldn’t work with her.

  31. Idk if it wouldn’t have worked, it just would have had very different storylines. Jenna was fairly normal in the first 6 or so episodes so I think they were written geared more toward Dratch’s personality. Krakowski obviously brought a whole different vibe and sent the character arc in a more “Mickey Rourke sex jacuzzi” direction.

  32. As someone who regularly drives through Merced and Madera counties where roads feel like the county forgot they existed and NOLA to see family recently, the roads in NOLA feel far far worse. I think I saw China at the bottom of one of the pot holes.

  33. A simpler time. When corporal punishment was not just accepted, it was comedy!

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