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  1. My wife and I both play video games, and we've tried and failed to find a game to play co-op.

  2. I liked it, wife wasn't so keen. She doesn't love puzzles and felt a bit stressed by the experience. The story didn't help lower the stress.

  3. Purely for SuperCoach purposes, which rookies / inexperienced players are you expecting to start the season for your club?

  4. Not sure what he's worth but Miller at Knights would be good if it comes to pass.

  5. Miller is like 500k, virtually the same as Turbo.

  6. If you're after Supercoach help, you won't find better than this Discord:

  7. NRL Hookers rated 1-17 (can only pick one player from each club and they must play hooker so no Ben Hunt)

  8. Granville used to be a fullback so I'd put him at 1. Poor Verrills wouldn't last 5 minutes at prop.

  9. Roosters 72 vs Tigers 6... was super competitive hey...... Yeah ok bro.

  10. He's not even fit to tie Terry Campese's shoes.

  11. The older fans who claim to have sat through the 1980s and early 1990s disaster teams are full of soft cunts who think that anything short of winning every game and every premiership is a failure and forget what the hard times were like even though we had them again for a decade in the 2000s; they are always insufferable to have discussions with and have the dumbest takes on modern players.

  12. I'm saving this to look back on when we lose an early round game and all the modern fans lose their minds (again.)

  13. So what this is saying is Parramatta haven’t won a premiership since Peter Wynns score opened in 1988, and now Peter Wynns score is closing ??

  14. Similar logic was used when the old Parramatta Stadium was knocked down. It was opened in 86, their last premiership year.

  15. I had a realisation last night that you can make a genuine argument for the Real NRL (Newcastle) being the 6th strongest rugby league competition worldwide.

  16. And yet Rugby Union and soccer types use the strength of the international game as a supposed advantage for them.

  17. I know you have tried to advance this argument Little Englander argument recently but the strength of the international game is a separate but still strong selling point of those other two codes.

  18. I'm not saying they are inferior because they are strong overseas.

  19. I agree, but I don't know if that's the best way to prove it.

  20. If Ponga can’t perform in #6 or has an injury in the first few weeks, and they don’t secure lachie miller, will AOB get the sack in your thoughts?

  21. He's close to getting the sack no matter what happens, especially with Des just sitting around.

  22. the writing is so shallow and bad, especially for the characters. i would recommend watching white lotus instead.

  23. Ok, but one's a movie one is a series. Of course, one has to take shortcuts to establish the characters quickly.

  24. Is it poor taste to make a list of players who may retire at the end of this year? Idea was to acknowledge them and celebrate them while we can. Guys like JWH may not play past this year so they deserve recognition.

  25. Have we had an update on how Daniel Anderson is going?

  26. I think Marty is a good bloke, I just think he's not good at being alive.

  27. The team who comes last has to swap jerseys with the dolphins for the season.

  28. St Helens will lose to purpose so they can jump into our comp.

  29. I find it funny how quickly Union or soccer fans bring up the strength of their international game when comparing the codes.

  30. Yeah that article posted yesterday attracted a swarm of union fans to the sub trying to shit on rugby league and the WC.

  31. That's exactly what I was talking about.

  32. Don't get your hopes up, he didn't sign with THE Dolphins, just the Redcliffe Dolphins.

  33. Top Cat was a cartoon show in the 1960s and was the brainchild of the Hanna-Barbera studio and was often shown on Cartoon Network and Boomerang in the early 2000s.

  34. Pretty sure it was on free to air when I was really young. I remember watching it

  35. Those people probably forgot that the last time he built a team he took them to 12th. And that team looked a lot better than what he’s got now.

  36. The last time he built a team from scratch was 1988, and he coached a new team to 7th?


  38. What is your ideal Grand Final, hypothetically? Mine would be Broncos vs Titans due to being my favorite clubs. Also Roosters vs Rabbitohs due to the fact it's just such a bitter dramatic rivalry and it's interesting that they haven't met in a GF in the NRL era yet.

  39. Seriously How much Is Brandon Smith getting paid by the Rorters

  40. I thought players were boycotting being used for promotional material.

  41. Dunno if this has been included in a previous thread, but the Wallabies have reappointed Eddie Jones, for a full 5 years.

  42. Please draw some parallels between this and the Tigers appointing Sheens

  43. This is good, but if you want tacky, you need

  44. I don't think it's that bad, especially not compared to

  45. They were originally going to go with the state colours of navy and white. They later added the purple and gold to be more visually stimulating

  46. I remember a few years ago someone highlighted the fact that the NRL ladder correlated directly to a teams pre-contact metres.

  47. Grand Final wins also. They posted that right before the 2019 GF, which I believe is the only time the winner didn't win that stat.

  48. Brett Stewart never lost a game to NZ, not the Warriors or the NZ nation side.

  49. I wish I could find it now, but articles from 2003 just aren't on the internet

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