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  1. What a coincidence; I just got done watching Ken Burns' The Vietnam War series last night (I highly recommend it)

  2. Oh God.... ONLY read this webcomic if you can stomach graphic depictions of abuse, torture, and mental breakdown

  3. Deer are responsible for about 200 deaths per year due to car accidents.

  4. Deer kill more people yearly than wolves have in 200 years

  5. I did buy a couple of TNO pins (OFN and NPP) off Red Bubble, but it was a third-party, not official merch

  6. I think they use this nation as a way to keep track of their GDP on the world economy tab

  7. Yeah I just posted this image in TNO discord and got the same response

  8. Don't be afraid to noclip if the game breaks or if you're not sure where to go

  9. The brainrot was inside the game all along.

  10. Jokes aside, Kinder Eggs are actually legal in the US (they're just edited so the toy isn't directly in the chocolate)

  11. Regardless of my personal feelings on Hall, I appreciate you devs reaching out to the community and explaining the changes the devs are making. Even with all the negativity, most of us are happy and willing to hear the devs out regardless if we're happy with the changes or not.

  12. I don't think it's hard to say that out of the three potential female presidential candidates, Margaret Chase Smith is the only good one by a country mile because she actually knows what the fuck she's doing and (usually) doesn't tear the country apart.

  13. Wait, so what's the most blessed path? Please actually answer my question seriously, I need to know this.

  14. “Inexperienced and not very good at the job” is a fairly benign criticism for the woman who killed the equal rights amendment and served as the inspiration for Serena Joy IRL

  15. Not gonna lie, at first I thought the guy was Ian Smith

  16. Are you trying to take all of my money by making these masterpieces?

  17. I knew it from the old Disney show Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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