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  1. I belive in UFOs. Unidentified Flying Objects. That is, I think things are seen sometimes and we don't know what they are. But I have seen exactly zero evidence these phenomena are because of visitations from other stars.

  2. When I was a kid, Santa used to leave a wrapped book under each of our beds. There was nothing quite as magical as reaching under our bed as soon as we woke up Christmas morning and feeling for the book. It meant he had visited.

  3. 8 day old account posting a photo I can find all over the place with a reverse image search? Easy choice on my part. Sorry you need to post a pic I can find an exact copy of online. Many copies actually. Eta bots swamp reddit, maybe use your other account instead of an 8 day old Alt posting common images?

  4. I'm a by-stander with no dog in this fight. While Google reverse image search finds a ton of very similar images, I could not find a single actual duplicate of the exact same image. Nor of the other image he posted. The same checking with TinEye.

  5. On my death bed with my family surrounding me, I'll whisper to my kid, "Come closer..."

  6. A Holocaust survivor dies and goes to heaven. In heaven he meets God and tells God a Holocaust joke. God says, “That’s not funny.”

  7. It turns out the vast majority of things we do with our hands is boring, but a subset of what we do requires real dexterity. As we became tool makers, the percentage of things that required dexterity has increased.

  8. Considering that each hand is controlled by a different hemisphere the “extra resources” doesn’t make that much sense, considering the advantages that two dexterous hands would being. Maybe one neural pathway gets established early on and then the brain just decides “this is good enough”… but it doesn’t solve the why most pathways are for the right hand.

  9. The question wasn't "why is it the right hand dominant", it was "why do we have a dominant hand". The hands are controlled by each hemisphere, but each hemisphere is trying to do a lot and getting a "better hand" comes at the cost of something else not being as good as it could have been.

  10. It was widely reported in the 80's/90's that the rings were expected to be in the 100 million year range based on voyager photos and other sensors.

  11. God this movie was so much darker than expected. On that note I think Floor doesn’t have back legs, and they are replaced with metal caps. Looks amazing though

  12. Hydraulics work very much like gear ratios. A high gear will take your rotation and make it go much faster, at the expense of being much weaker. A low gear will take your rotation and make it go much slower, but much stronger.

  13. They'll just grouse about how they wish robosexuals would not be so public about it. They have nothing against robosexual relationships per-se, and they certainly don't think it's right people are mean to robosexuals, but why does it have to be shoved in their faces in every TV show or movie?

  14. Anything classified at any level can often not be sent electronically, period. So yes, government/military data is a big part of that, but also any sensitive industrial data. Industrial espionage is a thing, and of course companies have designs and data they want kept secret.

  15. Polygraphs aren't admissible in court. However, they are sometimes useful during interrogation. Detectives can still use them to get information from somebody. The results of the test are irrelevant, but what the suspect says can and will be used against them. So, they are still used and are genuinely still useful when utilized properly even though the results aren't.

  16. When I was in the Air Force we had crates of equipment stolen from our work center. The computers were supposed to be sent to where I was going to travel. It was stolen the day before it was to be shipped.

  17. sure but why create a situation where the russians cant leave? take out the trains and transport to make it harder to supply their forces in the south. let the russians move in their supplies to get blown up. why allow these supplies to reach the Donbas from another route? Let the russians think the Kerch bridge is still safe to use.

  18. If they can leave by that route, they can supply themselves by that route.

  19. thats why you take our their rail and trains. let them supply then blow the shit out of their supplies

  20. Railroad tracks are remarkably easy to repair. Trains are a moving target and Russia has a lot of trains.

  21. IBM has done this for decades with their mainframes. Want more processing power? Just a phone call away.

  22. You nailed it right. If they have an ongoing cost; web-servers, bandwidth, support, etc, then a subscription seems fair.

  23. Wow so what about that constant stream of articles claiming that smoking weed will give you schizophrenia down the line? If this article is true, Maybe those weren’t true? Maybe nefariously funded even?

  24. The two issues are complementary, not exclusionary. Millions of people use marijuana without issue, but those with genes that elevate risk of schizophrenia, are increasing their risk of developing schizophrenia by using marijuana.

  25. There's all sorts of privilege. Race, age, attractiveness, gender, wealth, religion.

  26. The real question is "what changed that will allow them to land at LZ rather than require the drone ship?"

  27. The TV/Movies that do these tropes are light on details, but the idea is generally the person who initially inherits is distant, but known.

  28. There has never been a better show intro, at least for a 13 year old boy, than the

  29. "The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the rich as well as the poor to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal bread." -- Anatole France

  30. The distinction between cult and religion is new. In the Roman era, it had no particular meaning different than what we would apply to a religion. It was a collection of people who worshiped, often at a temple. There were many cults, and so long as they followed certain general rules, were very well tolerated.

  31. 2001: A Space Odyssey. I saw it at the age of 4 at a drive in. The only two things I recall was there was a playground below the screen I played in before it got dark, and the memory of "Why were there monkeys on the moon?"

  32. The Barney "Cleanup" song. I need to feel I earned the money.

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