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Solend, the largest lending market on Solana is about to have a crippling liquidation of $170m SOL that could crash the network. To prevent this, the decentralized protocol is proposing to seize the user's funds via governance

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  1. I've socialized several times with Steve Wozniak, including being in a member of a small party with him at dinner. At various times, I've given briefings to General Colin Powell, Senator Ted Stevens, and endless NATO and even Soviet generals.

  2. Sharks do get cancer, just less often than many other animals.

  3. My wife and I have streamed more than 380 movies during the pandemic. Older 10/10 gems have included

  4. I love a great newspaper movie. There's really only a half dozen or so really good ones. Spotlight was another solid movie.

  5. So long as the paper is made from farmed trees there isn't much wrong with it. For every tree cut down, a new one will be planted. For every pound of carbon released from the paper as it eventually decomposes, another pound will be pulled from the atmosphere by the new tree. It's the ultimate in carbon neutral.

  6. The article talks about "slowing the growth". The population is still growing, it's just growing by less than it was before. They are not claiming the population is going down, it's just not as explosive as it had been. People are having less kids, but those kids are living longer with more of them reaching adulthood.

  7. From your article: Taken together, these projections imply that the population of this planet will reach zero growth sometime in the second half of this century, a major milestone for humanity.

  8. False flags are designed to enrage the population against an enemy. "See how they targeted a children's school!". The damage to war fighting is low and people get angry and support the government.

  9. On a very hot day, I once tried a science experiment to get my engine as cool as possible. As I crested a hill on my way home, I turned my car heater to maximum, put the car in neutral and coasted down the hill. I reached 50mph by the bottom of the hill with the engine very much on the cooler side than it had been.

  10. We just went through this selling and buying a house.

  11. It's down more to the accuracy of the scanners and stuff.

  12. Kidnapping to get into your phone seems unlikely, but if it happened, a pair of pliers will work wonders to get you to tell them your pass-code.

  13. It depends what you're doing it for.

  14. The iPhone X was the first iPhone to offer Face ID and it used the laser based TrueDepth camera to create a 3D image of the face. It could be fooled with a 3D shape, but not with a simple flat photograph.

  15. They have been "shutting them down" for 32 years. They turned the cameras off in 1990 to save power, and every few years they have turned another instrument off. The slow, continuous cutting is finally getting to the final few instruments, but they expect to get several more years out of the last couple of instruments.

  16. It's there an easy way to see the last images or took before the cameras were shut off?

  17. What is your proof that he knew?

  18. He "sees dead people", that's his gift. He certainly appears to know the difference between the living and the dead.

  19. He didn't just automatically sense dead people. He thought that one woman was his mom until she turned around. He wasn't running from Malcolm in the beginning, he was just scared about being alone because ghosts and wanted to get to the church quickly. He asks Malcolm not to tell his secrets to his mom.

  20. He tells Malcom the secret on how to talk to his wife; while she sleeps. He knows Malcom is dead.

  21. even then exceptions. it's a battery factory, they can lay them off if they didn't get projected deliveries to keep them employed.

  22. That's not true. As was explained, the law is

  23. And Foxcon have nets to stop suicidal jumpers in the factories that build Iphones lol. Their "tangible products" are a marked up ripoff that take advantage of software exclusivity that fuck small devs over whilst extorting maximum profits from studios that are in too deep to make a switch. Its insane how many parts in macs haven't been updated in several generations.

  24. It would be helpful to know who makes your cellphone so we could choose a brand not made in China by Foxconn.

  25. Check out the Dodd-Frank Act. The law states that a U.S. bank may take its depositors' funds (i.e. your checking, savings, CD's, IRA & 401(k) accounts) and use those funds when necessary to keep itself, the bank, afloat. Instead of that bank going bankrupt and the bank's assets sold off to be given back to its depositors.

  26. This is absolutely not true. If you believe otherwise, please cite the part of the law that specifically applies to insured depository institutions (i.e. banks with consumer accounts).

  27. A plant holds 40% or more of its weight as carbon. If it's growing, it continues to pull net carbon from the atmosphere every day. When it's fully mature, it's no longer a net win, however, all of the carbon it captured is kept out of the atmosphere.

  28. marion morrison(j.wayne) also did everything he possibly could to avoid military service in ww2, while a lot of other well-known actors were volunteering, and serving in combat.

  29. While John Wayne was playing a hero in the movies, Jimmy Stewart was flying combat missions over Nazi Germany. They were within a year of each other in age.

  30. Today, CGI is often used. I worked with a Mac II (circa 1989) that was going to be filmed and the film-makers brought a special video card that allowed the video generated to be synced with the camera. It filmed rocked solid.

  31. I have had dinner with Steve Wosniak and briefed/shook hands with General Colin Powell.

  32. Yes. He famously said after his defeat to Kennedy in 1960: "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore." Too bad it wasn't true.

  33. Here's my source. Please go back and upvote my previous comment. Thanks.

  34. Mr Rogers, Bob Ross, and Jim Henson.

  35. The odds of a person person dying from a commercial jet-airliner accident is only about twice the chance of dying in an asteroid collision with the earth.

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