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  1. me confused why the ground looks like it’s breathing, proceeds to launch my phone

  2. If you think about it it’s super weird to make children recite the pledge of allegiance everyday at school when they don’t even understand

  3. So much I’ve learned about China and how they treat their people’s safety is horrible. Why would she possibly needed to be swabbed there?

  4. He’s a clown for being pissed at the driver of the orange car when he didn’t slow down. His wife’s reaction made it sound like he didn’t even attempt to, why not scream for him to slow down? My first reaction would be to grab the oh shit handle.

  5. I totally understand why you feel so bad and you sound sincere, but based on what you’ve shared he doesn’t sound upset to me. He easily could’ve just said he isn’t gay if he wasn’t comfortable sharing that. Either way, have you gone to him directly to apologize? He’d be able to identify your sincerity more than an email to HR. You may be beating yourself up over nothing. If not, use it as a learning experience

  6. If you're not in an internship already, start applying!

  7. This! I graduated in June and had an internship my entire senior year (started May of my junior year), they kept me on and just promoted me to a full time employee last month.

  8. Hey OP, I wonder, do these need to be replanted or can you keep them in those burlap pots, do you know?

  9. They’re actually in a plastic container inside the burlap/woven “pot”. I totally recommend repotting them, mine was EXTREMELY root bound. I had to cut the plastic pot off just to get in there

  10. OK great, thanks! So based on your observation I assume I should look for an at least slightly bigger pot than the original burlap thing, yeah?

  11. Yeah I’d definitely shoot for something bigger so the roots have room to breathe! Mine were all pretty thick so I didn’t have anything that it fit properly initially

  12. NTA. You and Maddy have nothing to apologize for. Your brother is a dick. You’ve clearly worked hard to help your daughter and continue to do so, I don’t understand why he’s punishing her for having aversions from autism and not allowing her to see her cousin. I think you handled it well personally

  13. Hopefully it’s just kids being stupid and bored (not that that makes it okay), and at least since the neighbors also know about it that could mean it’s all harmless. That being said, I don’t blame you for being freaked out, especially given you have children. You deserve to feel safe in your home. I don’t understand how your neighbors just don’t care

  14. What a fucking monster. Any insight as to why he had an ankle monitor before this?

  15. I’d recommend getting ahead of it, whether that’s therapy and/or medication. It sounds like you’re definitely experiencing OCD symptoms and behaviors. It can be incredibly, incredibly isolating, especially as we enter this time of year

  16. Maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll kick the bucket before then

  17. Babies can have super weird sleep schedules, that’s not the problem. The problem is she’s letting her baby sit in a bright room and play instead of sitting in a dark room cuddling, singing, reading a book, whatever.

  18. Congratulations on your new pet!

  19. If they don’t leave a voicemail it’s not an important call in the first place

  20. Remotely empty parking garages always have me convinced someone’s about to take me out

  21. As someone with OCD and working on my Masters in counseling, I can’t recommend therapy enough. I was against it for the longest time because I felt crazy even saying my thoughts out loud but it really does help

  22. Saying “my one vote won’t matter” is not a valid reason not to vote

  23. I’m sorry but if I saw my FATHER publicly liking shit like this, I’d have to die

  24. You're working on your masters, so you know how utterly absurd it is to say "this is crazy", this is just a hallmark of OCD I'm sure you know by now. But, you're not crazy and these thoughts aren't crazy. These are just a manifestation of your deepest fears, and they're understandable and there's nothing wrong with these fears. Do you have a ritual you do when you notice a date or something?

  25. Yeah, I have several rituals honestly. But I try to distract myself from them because I know if I respond, I’m going to spend the rest of the day doing it over and over. I haven’t found anything yet that helps me be like, everything’s okay now

  26. I’d just look at whatever electives interest you. If you’re a psych major, there will already be a plan developer for you (research methods, intro, stats, other basics). Undergrad is a great time to explore what populations may interest you or have you consider a sub field of psych that you never thought you’d like. You could also explore some sociology courses since sociology and psych are similar

  27. Ooh there’s so much. I’m in graduate school so I’m just a baby therapist but I’ve forced myself to find ways to wind down because otherwise my anxiety levels are through the roof.

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