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  1. Ignore them mate. I know for a fact there are Liverpool and Arsenal fans who pretend to be united fans and try to stir up trouble between United fans and generally act like trolls. And when we start fighting with each other they laugh.

  2. Yeah I refuse to believe MikeLUHG is an actual united fan, he thinks we have some god given right to win titles every year it’s crazy

  3. Twitter is the worst platform on the planet. What are you still on it?

  4. At this point kind of just hoping for takeover news, unfortunately

  5. Don’t think of it as day 1 again in terms of only starting again with giving up, think of it as day 1 of freedom from the addiction again, you’ll build the days back up again easy and the stumble might be what causes you to stop forever. Even falling isn’t the worst thing to happen, we can always get back up

  6. North America slice ham in vacuum packs. Why is it always wet? what's the jelly stuff? The mouth feel and texture is an instant gag.

  7. Also how much do you think the guy gets paid to fart in the packet just before they seal it?

  8. You could if you didn’t expect a response or if like me the me in the mirror responds

  9. Forgot to add mine which was a tie between doing a wash of underwear because hanging up that many socks drains my soul or that the kitchen is somehow mysteriously always dirty even if you just cleaned it

  10. Playing the bar/club I play twice a week so I was on last night, tonight and tomorrow and then doing a set at like 4am in another club, I love this time of year financially, but hate it physically

  11. Unfortunately the league doesn’t start after the Brentford game, nice as it is to see us do relatively well since then, they still count as to why we’re currently outside top 4

  12. Stop. Write down their requests. Upload them to the dj server. Wait for the boss of DJs to send back a report. Resume playing.

  13. You forgot to let the person know that you’ll see if you have it then proceed to never play the request

  14. I don’t think there’s any excuse for it anymore.

  15. As a person from ballymun it’s nice to be able to honestly tell people it’s not as bad as it once was or the stories they’ve heard are from a long time ago and don’t stand anymore

  16. Had a big birthday recently and the Fred again video with zane low made me make it rain and it is the most fun I’ve had since I got my first turntables about 18 years ago

  17. Yeah one of those goosebumps videos I think, insane talent he displays literally built for this sort of stuff

  18. Bounty is nice and Toblerone is worse

  19. I don’t get the hate for bounty such an elite chocolate

  20. I actually play that in my house sets as one of my warm up tracks now, goes down well enough

  21. I’m a house/techno dj anyway so even though a good portion of tracks didn’t immediately hit me as excellent my brain is programmed for repetitiveness so it grew on me as time went on

  22. Had some stopped before you ain’t getting them back, open a dispute and try get a refund back, mine was weird though got 1 pair through and the other was stopped strangely enough but from the ones that got through I’d never go through DHgate for Jordan’s again

  23. No need to edit, funnier without it I laughed harder than I should have

  24. As someone that’s been to both creamfields, if you’re doing a festival in Croatia hideout is unbelievable if it’s still going and Sonus is good for heavier stuff

  25. Why is that the kid from terminator and American history x?

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  27. For that price you ain’t getting the shoes in the picture bro

  28. A person I know also got them they made a tiktok i can send you if you like

  29. Please do, curious to see this if it was the same seller

  30. im just relistening to Drake albums

  31. Yeah I get that, I used to do it, but maybe it was the wait for CLB but I listened to way more stuff building up to it and just appreciated hearing new drake a little bit more when it did eventually come

  32. Entergalactic is great. Also Smino is dropping a new album on Friday which I have very high hopes for so that will bridge the gap until next week

  33. New mode is such a good track too, very 2010 cudi. Completely forgot about Smino dropping that should hold through to next week

  34. At this point the most shocking thing Madonna could do is act her own age

  35. I’m so high that I sat on the toilet and tried to put on my seatbelt

  36. My first time going to see him in Dublin and he brought out The Weeknd for Crew Love, lost my shit

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