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  1. I agree to an extent, most of my feed on every platform is just hate politics and racist remarks backed by political agenda is various forms. I've reached a point where I absolutely despise talking about politics in a social gathering because it gets intense and sort of ruins the vibe πŸ˜‚

  2. He was married before? Are you talking about Dulquer?

  3. No, he's talking about Gemini Ganesan.

  4. I had a great time watching this!

  5. Parents were really never strict about religion growing up. My brother and I used to visit temples to accompany parents and relatives out of respect and NGL I enjoyed the calm and serene vibe of temples. During my first year at college, several thoughts about religion popped up.

  6. Don't expect World News to understand. Its useless to say anything. India bad. They shouldn't feed their people and look after their country. These people have a black and white view of everything. Most of the people here don't know anything but wanna open their mouths and talk about shit they don't understand.

  7. Exactly, I agree with you. When does world news ever put India in good light? Right now, staying neutral aligns with the interests of India.

  8. Almost all non-malayalam movies screened at PVR,Lulu Mall are subtitled.

  9. Do you have any idea about other theatres in Kochi? Like shenoys or Padma

  10. Hmm, most movies are set in Central and south Kerala. So, the distance factor makes sense.

  11. Yes but lately there have been a lot of films set in Northern Kerala so people are a bit more culturally aware

  12. Agreed! That's more exciting than the film itself sometimes

  13. Something about this movie is just not exciting me

  14. No that's part of the northern Kerala slang which is followed by a verb. This is just new gen slang that you add to just about anything. Eg: Redditoli, commentoli


  16. Sterilization on that scale almost never works. As they say, it is going to take a while to be implemented. Then, it will slow down because of budget or various reasons.

  17. Yeah I agree with you, sterilization is time-intensive process over which several other issues could arise and this will finally get diverted. Culling of infected dogs to curb the situation is viable but it's facing heavy backlash from animal activists. I feel as though people aren't aware of contracting rabies. It results in a slow and painful death.

  18. Okay this stray dog menace is really getting out of hand


  20. Haha go check out Kerala sub reddit will see how racist they are towards us

  21. Look I'm not malayali, but most of the RW channels always put in Kerala in bad light because they don't fit the BJP narrative. Be it anything. This would obviously provoke a reaction from them right.

  22. Inagine a state which supports isis to be shown in a good light.

  23. The state doesn't support isis, people get brainwashed and leave. There are isis recruits from UP, Maharastra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka but the media only sensationalises Kerala for the same. So ofc there's some motive there.

  24. Definitely gotta take dip in the water near the boat stand.

  25. Sure! Heard that's quite popular πŸ˜…

  26. Bro Im a North Indian living in the south. Trust me, most mallus are pretty well to do in the middle east. This whole slave narrative is false. So many of them are employed in good companies or running business that churn out good profits.

  27. Being a North Indian living in south India for 10 years now, I asked some of my colleagues what they think about memes made on south India, I feel maybe the backlash was received because they feel as though this colorism, idli-vada-sambar jokes is quite overused. But even then they call us Pani puri sellers which is also overused.

  28. Hey I wanted to know something how do the south indians treat any white or good skin guy socially in colleges when majority of them are black , do they suppress the white one , do they talk to him ?

  29. Yeah nobody really cares about skin colour in the south as far as I've seen.

  30. Take the risk by exploring different genres. Minnal Murali was an audacious attempt into an untapped genre. More horror and sci-fi would be appreciated. Bhoothakaalam and churuli were great. Thallumaala too.

  31. The forced PR of Alia-Ranbir and bhramastra feels annoying. Earlier in Bollywood, actors were discreet about their personal lives and paps would rush in to get a glimpse. But ever since the downfall of bollywood since 2017, Ranbir and Alia were extremely open about their relationship which seemed very superficial with Ranbir saying things like "Yes, we're so in love" and publicly flirting on stage. All of it just seems to be a cry for attention when Bollywood is sinking. KJo making guests uncomfortable by praising Alia Bhatt and calling her the best actress of the country. Alleged talks of box office manipulation of Bhramastra. What is going on? Their PR team is on a frenzy. If the audience feel that you're a good actor or you've made a good movie, then appreciation will come in but kindly please stop shoving it down our throat that you're brilliant and did an amazing job with excessive promotion. Bollywood please understand - you cannot buy respect, you have to earn it.

  32. Praying for his family's strength to get through this πŸ™πŸ»

  33. It's the same old formula. They want to push for this propaganda.

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