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  1. You could probably make a successful yt channel with these videos ngl

  2. My wife has wanted to buy a dinosaur statue for our yard for years. She saw this and said “look, this place delivers!”

  3. Another Redditor saw this truck and Dino refueling at a gas station a couple of days ago

  4. That’s just cruel. “Watch as I burn your ancestors’ liquified remains to parade you around town.”

  5. Gene Wilder: Tell me again how you don’t condone violence and aren’t racist.

  6. “Hey guy I incited an insurrection against, can you please appoint me to negotiate a deal between the guy I extorted for dirt on your son and the guy who has dirt on me?”

  7. Euthanasia, which is when someone else kills a person supposedly out of mercy, is illegal in every US state. About 10 states allow physician-assisted suicide, which is when a doctor provides medication for a terminally ill person to kill himself.

  8. If she works for a law firm, write a glowing letter to the head of the firm about how skillful she was and what a difference is she’s made in your life. It could help her get a raise.

  9. We grew up concealing our outdoor injuries from our parents, and it just stuck.

  10. I was there. He was the least shit-covered person in attendance that night.

  11. My daughter is taking her driving course now and just last week the instructor said you get two corrections on the test. Pull in, reverse straight back, turn slightly and pull back in, do that again one more time if necessary, and then shift to park and apply the parking brake.

  12. As long as you correct it within two tries, apparently yes.

  13. Ironically, we’ve done a lot of negotiating in person, and I think part of why I’m so frustrated even when we’re done for the day is because I wish so much that I could just reach over and smack the shit out of him. Just a good old-fashioned backhand to the cheekbone. How’s that for bad faith?

  14. You’ll always encounter lawyers like this. Unfortunately, our profession attracts certain personality types.

  15. Bill was nice to Ray, but you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry.

  16. “We must annihilate the planet to rid Ukraine of nazis.”

  17. If those MAGAs could read, they’d be furious!

  18. ok that’s just not even fair. Leave some talent for the rest of us please

  19. Can we ship all of the white nationalists to DeSantis’s house?

  20. Translation: “We don’t currently have the votes and it’s too close to the election to push wildly unpopular legislation. Ask me again in four months.”

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