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  1. if this is a screenrecording then it is software bug

  2. Like just from my fingers lol. And yes I wash my hands often and don’t eat while working. 😅

  3. All of this apps doesn't do anything in my experience, the best solution - reinstall.

  4. You don't need anything to keep it clean, just remove from there anything unnecessary. Second battery indicator, for example. Or WiFi status. Or Time Machine indicator. Or VPN indicator. Or battery percentage.

  5. NEVER EVER install betas when dealing with serious work

  6. You'd better to show us inside of a notebook, because in my case, for example, this has nothing to do with a battery rather than a hinge of a lid.

  7. So Russia is stationing soldiers on the border so the US military industrial complex can make money?

  8. Just fold some paper and put it under a webcam

  9. I also really hope devs stop relying so much on Rosetta. I know it’s more work to support two platforms, and I know some software is non trivial to migrate for lots of reasons. But arm macs have been around for developer use for getting on for two years now. There should at least be some betas out there for these things!!!

  10. Devs will implement M1 support FAST when there would be no relevant macOS that supports Intel-based Macs.

  11. Either that or ditch the platform completely, which is a fear of mine. Especially for some of the games I have which frankly, I’m surprised made it to Mac anyway.

  12. Apple customers are one of the most solvent user base in the world. There is no way they will abandon such platform. It’s just wrong for business.

  13. mandatory email address? yeah, yeah, goes right in trash bin.

  14. djvu is a dead format in my opinion, you don't need to consider supporting it. If you have documents in that format -

  15. Holy shit, mods, please delete all posts of that kind. It's not even funny.

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