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  1. This will benefit congress more than bharat jodo ever could. Rahul Gandhi will become more of a cult figure, because of this move by BJP.

  2. If I may ask, which suburb do you live in ? And do you go by car to a specific destination and then walk 5-6 km in the area

  3. Considering the ratio of Khalistanis in Canada to India, they should ask Canada to give them land for Khalistan lmao

  4. Can't imagine, inka society meeting kaisa hota hoga.


  6. The hastag I am panjabi not indian would differ your statement. Also that fictional map of India

  7. Tf is "Pohela Boishak"? Not 'k' but 'kh', and it is called Poila Boishakh in West Bengal, no one calls it Pohela there, but it is widely used in Bangladesh.

  8. Himachal to yuhi badnam hai, asli maal to odisha chupa rustam leke baitha hai

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