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  1. Ahh one of the 15 daily threads of random tweets, sweet

  2. Belarussian Foreign Minister just died according to the Guardian Live Feed

  3. I’m in Fairbanks.. knew someone that went from Minot AFB then next duty station Eielson. It’s like damn, who did you piss off? Lol . Definitely cold here.

  4. I can only chuckle when russians, chinese, anyone says they could invade the US. Even if the entire US armed forces vanished, there are more firearms in the US than literally anywhere in the world.

  5. “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”

  6. I wish I could argue otherwise, but this time I jumped the gun, I admit you are right sir

  7. Honestly if Russia decides to invade Armenia nothing anybody can do.

  8. Trick the west into believing they wanted to steal territory from Ukraine, when what they really wanted was Armenia. Putler remains a master strategist.

  9. They use a similar strategy for their own military: the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  10. Nah, they bombed a childrens shelter full of hundreds of kids back in March or April in Mariupol. +1 death here won’t make nato intervene unfortunately.

  11. Weapons of mass destruction using poison gas or biological weapons or chemical weapons.

  12. They most likely did use chemical or biological weapons on one occasion at Azovstal. But there’s no concrete proof of that.

  13. False surrender protocols were followed correctly by Ukraine soldiers, false surrender is a war crime.🇺🇦

  14. 1 more boxed checked off for the war crimes to-do list.

  15. The Ukrainian meat grinder is becoming very efficient.

  16. What the, I'd love a 20k pay raise! Kiewit gave me a 1.5k pay raise after a year :)

  17. I went from 120k to 140k without leaving 2-3 years ago… i was a QC manager at the time on a large federal project that would have put them in a pickle if i left. I had an opportunity for a better paying deal come up and was going to take it. But we worked something out and i stayed. I doubt i would of got a raise that high if i didn’t have another offer on the table

  18. “You get a billion! And you get a billion! Everybody gets a billion!” -Oprah

  19. “A single death is a tragedy. 85k deaths is a statistic”

  20. A surprising number of people write in God, Jesus and surprisingly...Yoda.

  21. Jesus sounds like a nice guy but too socialist IMO. And if you don’t clarify which Jesus that’s dicey. What if the voters misinterpret that as a vote for local burger man Jesus Gomez? He can make some bomb burgers but do you agree with all of his political views?

  22. I just had a similar experience yesterday. I was in a bind and didn’t realize the charge was unreasonable. They charged $1500 for a service that I later learned should not have been more than $500 (heating zone valve replacement; less than an hour on premises). I’m curious, did you attempt to take any action against them? I understand that I agreed to the charges but I feel that I was taken advantage of in my desperation. I’ve emailed to ask for a breakdown, but it sounds like I won’t be getting one. I fully plan to file a complaint against them if they won’t give me a partial refund.

  23. They’re always available to respond immediately because they’re so expensive. I’d wager emergency call outs/clients needing work done immediately is the bulk of their clientele. They would be hard pressed to get work in a competitive/non-emergency environment.

  24. I haven’t started one but personally I don’t have hands-on carpentry experience and carpenters (any skilled trade really) is in short supply and hard to find good people. So if theoretically you start a business, then what, how do you find people when you’ve finally won a job? This would be less of a hurdle if you’ve got good hands on experience you could at least partially, personally do some of the physical work. Also financing again not an insurmountable hurdle but… need to have cash or a good LOC to pay for supplies and float it for 1-2 months and hopefully your client would pay you by then for your first invoice. Don’t forget you have the occasional outfit that would prefer to just not pay you at all, they’ll take the bet that you’d fold from legal fees before they’re forced to actually pay you.

  25. The difference the Ukranian army will be fully equiped for the winter and the Ruzzian army will be using rubish uniformrs getting cold, sleeping in poor naintained tends and with no food or water. Let the games start!!

  26. I just have to ask...why in the world is it called a "Spit"? That's the first time I've heard that phrase used to describe a geological formation.

  27. We have a spit in AK probably several but , Homer AK is a popular one.

  28. They did in the first months at least. I don't see why they would stop with it now because it's defo to their advantage and they know that

  29. So many dead , so many phone calls. Makes you wonder if it’s an automated robot message at this point

  30. If 90% don't work, that's still enough to wreak massive destruction upon North America and Europe. So it's a pretty stupid strategy to then just proceed as if that means there's no real threat there.

  31. If 90% don’t work, how many of the remaining 10% get intercepted? 🤔

  32. No this timeline is wrong. He offered to buy Twitter in April, he didn’t post Putler’s demands until a couple weeks ago.

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