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  1. Tell them if they hate America and our flag then they have the freedom to LEAVE.

  2. Imagine saying you don't celebrate the 4th of July because you can't kill babies in some states. They hate America but still choose to live here.

  3. If Newsom's ad is correct that Ron DeSantis is taking away so many freedoms in Florida... why is it that so many Californians have been moving there?

  4. Yes. It's racist and ageist and sexist and a lot of other gross type of bigotry.

  5. No one is forcing you (or any of us gays) to live in America. We have the freedom to leave. Try living in a more "patriotic" country like Iran or Palestine, where it's illegal to be gay and execution or imprisonment awaits you. The United States isn't going to turn into a Muslim-like country and enforce Sharia Law. Chick-fil-a isn't oppressing you and you have the freedom to fuck and love who you choose. Save the fake outrage and shallow virtue-signaling because it's an insult to gay people who are actually living under oppression in other countries.

  6. For future reference never use the word "dick" in the same sentence you are talking about your mother.

  7. Crazy how all these leftists hate the 4th of July and America... yet still choose to live here.

  8. Gross. He wears blackface and he loves tyrants like Fidel Castro.

  9. Of course he doesn't. And his crackhead son taking HUGE payoffs for him isn't bribery.

  10. Not at all. Gay marriage is here to stay. A person's right to individual freedom is much different than the right to kill your baby. We will not be going back to the days when Bill Clinton signed DOMA and DADT into law.

  11. Right-wing Boston left-wing Antifa wannabees. That's cute.

  12. I'm not. I've got two of them and no one has ever picked on me for being gay.

  13. I don't get why they're wearing face-coverings like left-wing Antifa does when they set government buildings on fire. Is this group planning an Antifa-like riot on the city?

  14. 32-year old bartender thinks she's working at the bar where they could throw out anyone who did something they disagreed with...

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